Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Moved My Cheese?

I like comfort zone. I hate getting out of the bed. I like status quo. I hate change.

1) With the inception of Plate Specialization, I had to put away my ilvl 277 Emporio Armani leather cinch and buy me a stupid emblem plate belt. I’m a dorf, so the huge-ass Triple H belt comes up to my nipples. The graphic looks like I’ve tucked the luscious pleated beard UNDER the belt. I’ve seen the blizz employee group photo, and I’m positive none of them has read a single issue of GQ in the past 8 years, so: beards, neck ties and sports coats go OVER the belt.

Speaking of Tripple H, his mother-in-law (the wife of Vince McMahon) is running for the Senate in Connecticut.

2) I'm having trouble getting acclimated to 4.0.1 spell animations. I can't tell the friendly spells apart from teh bad. You know that inauspicious green pool druids drop? I instinctively bolted out of it, because it looks like death and decay. Healers told me it's a warm safe place where as a child I'd hide and pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by. LIARS! I don't feel safe in it.

Also, holy pallies are shooting lazers out of their hands.

3) If you aren't a raiding paladin, you probably have no clue what flamboyant luxury this is: I click one button and it buffs the whole raid. When I saw the consolidated pally buff in action, I stood there holding back tears and covering my mouth with hands so the feeling doesn't escape... It's glorious.

p.s. Rivs wrote me an email to ask where I was and if I was okay. He's the only one that cares. The sisterhood is all about caring and solidarity, so Rivs gets to wear the traveling pants this week.


Arioch said...

Don't delete!

The solution to your belt issue is to convince your guild to transfer to horde. You would be rocking belf flair again as only you can.

Anonymous said...

I miss you supa fly ret pally!! Come back and write more!

Issy said...

Just assumed you'd tripped over your belt, and were spending all your time practicing to be awesome again :P

Katherine said...

Aw you deleted the post that used to be on the front page? :(

Big Bear Butt said...

I love you, I woulda wrote, but I figured you'd decided to kick back, drink a grande cappucino with the swirl in the foam on top, and took a break.

And what kind of a friend interrupts Jong's coffee?

You wait to interrupt when Jong is having sex, of course. It's much more fun.

Now, the fact I haven't interrupted you in a couple of months says NOTHING about the state I feel your love life is in.

Rivs said...

Woot....I get to wear the pants...Wait a minute. What the heck is in this pocket... NASTY!

Really I got too many bloggers that hate me, I can't be losing those that somewhat find me tolerable.

Anyway I'm glad you're back.

As for my pally....I'm not feeling the Prot Changes, and my Ret side needs some major work. Thinking though PVP as Ret, is hot stuff now. Thinking of Going to get some Wrathful gear.

Rilandune said...

I have been saying for years that Blizzard needs to subscribe, company wide, to GQ. Point in case, to follow up on your example, the way tabards tuck into ones belt if they are wearing a robe. For that little graphical glitch I never equipped a tabard throughout all of vanilla and TBC when I played a Priest.

As a Dwarf Paladin, I love the laser hands, I'm not sure why, I think it just has added flare coming from my stout form.

gnomeaggedon.net said...

Hi Nice blog, I was looking around for stuff and stumbled across.... Ohh wait.. this is Forbearance...

At last someone has given Rivs some pants! That tacklebox was getting distracting.

I've been thinking of you.. been having your love children (and err naming them after other commenters cause they might pay child support which I would never burden you with). However, like that other commenter who shall for ever remain BBB, I don't interrupt, though I doubt it was a cappucino... I just didn't want to call when you had a hangover.

Speaking of which... I have a killer hangover right now...

Bee said...


Anafielle said...

Blizz is trying to trick you. Now there's Bad Stuff On The Ground AND Good Stuff On The Ground.

I too felt very uncomfortable sitting in the nice druid circle for a day or two. Especially on lady d. Where it looks all too much like D&D.