Monday, August 2, 2010

this is repost of something I pulled long time ago

Jong is my real name. My grandpa consulted village elders to get this name, and it means great deeds at the break of dawn or something like that. I guess they wanted me to deliver milk or newspaper when I grew up. I have no idea how Asians fit so much meaning into one syllable. If you work at Burger King, and my dad comes up to you and says whoppaaaaa, give him the whopper combo meal extra cheese no tomato no mayo with diet coke, because that’s what he means.

I am terrible at naming things. I spazed out infront of the character creation screen, picked out the whitest blond belf, and gave it an Asian name. Luckily, I wasn’t on an RP server.

“Bal’a dash, malanore. I am High Arcanist Thesta’lonicleus of Eversong Woods. Where dost thou hail from?”

“Oh, herro Testicle of Nickle LOLs. I am the whitest blond belf. My name Jong Kung-Pow of Shaolin Wootang Tigers.”



“Uh… well… Al diel shala, and may the Gates of Sin’dorei be open for you, always.”

“Oh, ssang kyu. Extra egg foo-yong for you everyday too.


River said...

River is a nickname of mine, I've had it for longer then I can remember, even my nephews, and nieces call me Uncle River.

All my toons have a Riv in them. Riverian, Rivzok, etc...

BBB said...

I swear, you are my favorite blogger, because I vote you the guy I'd most like to hang out with and drink beer.

Bell said...


Anonymous said...

Could be worse. My family has a history of not naming things. Pets were named things like Bunny or Birdie. My sister went through a long stretch where she was called Baby.

Also wanted to mention that I'm also Korean, although only a quarter. I figure that's enough racial passive to top Recount, but not enough to be super interested in Starcraft. I did totally rock the calculus before I went on to waste my life playing a string instrument though.

Rhidach said...

I love your posts Jong, they have this random personal story at the beginning that ties into some insightful hook about WoW at the end.

Hana said...

I'm sad you're not a belf anymore. :(