Tuesday, August 17, 2010

this is injustice!

It's been confirmed (through the mighty twitter) that blizz is taking treeform away from druids. This is definitely the doing of Applebough, the invidious, jaundiced Dalaran fruit vendor of luscious leaves. Averna was right all along.

You know how I feel about pally bubble (Pally Spell Mage Spell).

Blizz refuses to admit that they don't have a clue how to balance the game around bubble, just as the Canadians won't admit that Canadian bacon is really ham. Ham. Say it! Hammmmm.

Bubble is the only spell in the game that lacks style and substance at the same time. If fury warriors can survive hardmode encounters in Take Extra Damage Stance, I sure don't need INVINCIBILITY on top of insta-cast FoL and LoH. Go ask your girlfriend, "hey babe, if you saw me bubbling in the heat of battle, would you be kinda turned on or would you think I'm the biggest unsportsmanlike pussy?"

What upsets me is that they have no qualms about pissing on the quintescence of druids, but they refuse to acquiesce to the monstrous stupidity of bubble in the name of preserving a pally signature move.

Admit it. Say, my bad dog, and do away with it you stubborn befuddle jackasses.


River said...

The Tree...Noooo.

Argueing to take away the bubble, this won't win you many fans in the pally community.

You know this game is just going to devolve into DKs vs. Pallies.

Bee said...

I love bubbling on my Ret Pally. I feel just like the Bubble Boy (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258470/) and like I can take on anything the world can throw at me.

Zarat said...

True fact: they don't call it Canadian Bacon in Canada. They call it... (wait for it) AMERICAN BACK. Sacrebleu!

Jong said...


Bubble Boy? Bee, you tampled on my last strand of dignity.

Hana said...

I dunno, I kinda like a bubble... as long as it's not followed by a hearth at the end. :)

SlikRX said...

This is injustice?


or not...

Bubble is the only thing saving my butt in PvP. Prot pallies and pretty much everyone else just rofl-stomps us. Until we get that hearth...

*sob* (as in S.O.B. ;) )

Ashimbo said...

I asked my wife what she thought of my bublle, and now she has my testicles in a jar by the bed. =(

laura said...

Yes, I am quite bitter about the whole thing.

"We want druids to be able to play at least one and show off their armor." Really blizz, really? Then take away laserchicken form. Or have ferals not go bear/cat.

They keep saying they want to give us more choices, and they are taking mine away.

If I were a toddler they'd be scrubbing dried babyfood peas off the wall from my tantrum.

As best, I can hope they MIGHT give us a vanity glyph to let us keep on leafing out.

Anlyra said...

Yes canadians call it back bacon, I live in alberta, canada. Pally bubble, druid bear and cat forms are from vanilla, tree is not. I wouldnt be heart broken to not have bubble on my pally but maybe thats blizzards reasoning. /shrug

Anea said...

A good point!

Two incredibly iconic abilities and they're taking one away. While I wish they'd update ToL models, I still definitely think it should stay, even if it looks the same. Trees are Trees for a reason! If not they'd just be... Not Trees.

(P.S. the "badass" example was quite poignant!)