Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our loot culture

Breevok said:

NOT A SINGLE SET OF LOOT RULES ANYWHERE, is perfect. Every set of rules can be stretched and loopholes found - lawyers have been making millions all across the planet on this premise.

Very true. The intricacy and sophistication of loot rules, in itself, has no virtue. It’s all about the maturity and quality of loot participants. Loot rules don’t need an addendum; looters need an introspection.

This is the explanation of our loot guideline to the guild applicants in its entirety: Roll to indicate interest. You must practice good judgment to ensure equitable loot distribution.

Some of you are probably thinking, "What exploitable frailty and imperfection! I could drive a Boeing 737 through that loophole if I knew how to drive a Boeing 737." I know, but it’s worked for us with 100% efficiency and 0% drama, because we are awesome. It can get annoying at times because two people are trying to pass an obviously desired loot to each other and they sound like my sister and her boyfriend on the phone:

“No, YOU hang up first”
“No, YOU.”
“Okay, okay, okay, how about we hang up at the same time?”
“Okay, One. Twoooooo. Three!”
“Tee hee hee hee hee hee omg why didn’t you hang up?”
“You were supposed to hang up too!”

When I first told about the loot culture, I knew exactly what was expected of me, because I learned that stuff in kindergarten. You’d be surprised at the number of grown-up applicants who didn’t make the final cut because they don’t get it. I realize most of them weren’t privileged to attend the Elite Ivy League Kindergarten for Ninjas like I was, but still, even the third-rate redneck kindergartens teach you how to share.

There are so many myopic idiots who’d kill the goose for an extra golden egg. Why on earth would you kick the goose’s balls, hurt its feeling, and kill it? If I had a goose like that, I hug it, feed it, and say nice things to it everyday.


Grimmtooth said...


It's the whole loot thing that discourages me a lot of times. Not getting ninja'd, but hearing people griping about not getting due consideration on their alts when rolling against mains, and so forth. The insistence that we adopt brave new loot rules that oh, by the way, maximize their chances at meaty goodness.

I mean, I came to play, not to listen to loot drama from someone that is swimming in it.

Here, you can have mine. I would've only used it to heal things, and spent next to no time parading around with it on the fountain in Dal.

/le sigh

Arioch said...

One of the reasons we adopted a numbers-based loot system was because loot distribution was just like that with people trying to pass everything to each other. Now they can say they are interested, the numbers decide and I don't have to listen to 20 minutes of, "No, you take it."

Rorik said...

"Role to indicate interest. You must practice good judgment to ensure equitable loot distribution."

You may want to edit your guidelines to read "Roll to indicate interest..." unless of course you just used the wrong word on your blog and not in your guilds loot guideline. :)

River said...

Just waiting on my Epic Purple Mercedes to drop.

Grimmtooth said...

@River - ORLY. And who drops THAT?

River said...

It's a random world drop.