Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm not a lore person and there are many story lines I can't quite connect. For example, how am I saving mammoth calves for DHETA and killing 60 game animals for Hemet Nesingwary all in the same week?

Isn't completing DHETA's Little PITA and Nessingwary: The Collected Quests kinda like being a spokesperson for Coke and Pepsi at the same time?... I do like riding around my polar bear singing bah bah bah bah the Joooooy of Pepsiiiiiiii~

I didn't make the best first impression with DHETA. I was running back to the camp all proud with a huge-ass smile: Look! Look! I done all your quests just like you told me to!

Instead of giving me an 'attaboy, Arch Druid Lathorius body-slammed me to the ground and stepped on my throat. You have no idea how confused I was. I mean, Zaza was in tears as she was kicking my face in: You bastard! You killed a baby mammoth!

Relax you hippies. I didn't know*, okay?

*What I didn't know was that the quest comes with a hammer to break the trap. So, I targeted the baby mammoth and divine stormed to... you know, break the trap.


Bee said...

ZOMG. You killed the poor little baby mammoth???


Before I had a comforable amount of gold I would often go and fish for my own fish feast ingredients. The best place to find Musselback Sculpin is in the Borean Tundra nearby the Loot Crazed Divers. I always had the most trouble with the Sculpin because I would find myself being interrupted by these divers all the time. I just couldn't take seeing them attack the mammoth mommies and babies. I mean c'mon guys... how much loot are you really getting from poor innocent baby mammoths??

Ratshag said...

The good guys is thems what be paying you. Sometimes who that be switches in just a couple minutes. Long as the gold and XP (and mebbe a little horizontal refreshment) be comin' in, is best not ta think too hard about it.

Issy said...

Baby Mammoths are ebil. They turn into Big Mammoths what kill you.
You did the right thing.

morphster of aggramar said...

These conflicting questlines always make me laugh. I'd like to meet the dev that came up with the idea to kill babies. I don't remember the quest but around a fishing village in the bottom middle of northrend I remember a quest along the same lines. It's just wrong . . . and yet I do that quest on every alt. :)

Dorgol said...

Pretty much has to come up anytime the baby mammoths are discussed.

Zarigar said...

Is there any quest that can't be completed with Divine Storm?

Arioch said...

I just like killing the animals and then trying different spells and mounts to see see how the colors change. Bloody sparkle ponies are pretty cool as is Arcane Explosion.