Tuesday, August 24, 2010

at taco bell

The line is being held up because the guy in front of me can’t decide. He’s leaning on the counter to indicate that he has no intention of letting others order ahead. Hrmmmmm… he’s intently contemplating the warm tortillas of Carnita Chicken against the pillowy flatbred of Gordita Baja, because choosing the wrong combo meal would initiate the launching sequence for the nuclear missile that would decimate the entire city of New York. Wtf? How can you not know what you want at Taco Bell? I know what I want at Taco Bell the day before I get there.

So, it's my turn. The cashier can’t figure out how to punch in “one volcano burrito and medium mountain dew please” into the cash register that looks like my niece’s Fisher Price Animal Sounds Farm. I bet if I reached over and pushed the big-ass brown button that says VOLCANO BURRITO, the register would sound off moooooo. I’ll bet all my wow gold and my burrito that this girl would fuck up the blood queen bite assignment.


Arioch said...

What sound does the little cinnamon twisty things make? That's pretty much all I eat at Taco Bell.

Issy said...


joeego said...

I think that girl was in my raid last month. ><

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to have Taco Bell for lunch. They should put you on the payroll.

River said...

When I'm broke Taco Bell Value Menu does me right.

That's odd, I thought Taco Bell was the headquarters for Mensa.

Anonymous said...

Stop deleting posts!

Dorgol said...

Damn. Now I want a Volcano Taco. Those things are awesome!

Bee said...


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Vulpina said...

omg THEY STILL HAVE VOLCANO TACOS WHERE YOU LIVE?!?!? Yes, that deserved all caps. They were my lifeblood, and now I am a dried up husk of a gamer because they don't sell Volcano tacos in New Jersey anymore.