Thursday, July 15, 2010

think about it

Gevlon is letting us in on the secrets behind the glorious success of PuG the project guild. I read it all, and I am very much for instilling a sense of professionalism among raiders.

Still, I fell off chair laughing at this: "Retarded behavior like lol, gets you kicked."

At worst, retarded is hurtful, unnecessary, and ignorant. At best, retarded is way more childish and unprofessional than lol. Do you see the infinite irony?

Why don't you apply to my guild? Be mindful that lollable behavior like retarded will get you lolled.


He's far more constructive than his habit to call players "retarded" suggests.

I have no doubt, and I assure you, my lolling isn't indicative of my ineffectiveness either. I am slamming the arbitrary double standard. There's no logical reason for lol to be grounds for gkick while retarded is accepted as professional raiding lingo.


Grimmtooth said...

"Do you see the infinite irony?"

This. <3

Always a pleasure :)

Ratshag said...


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering, why Gevlon is so insecure about childish behavior?

An anecdote from the Ganking project:

After a lost WG battle Gevlon confronted one of the members of the guild.
Gevlon: Why did you jump on the battlefield?
Guy: Why not?
Gevlon: It's retarded and childish, never do that again.

Xanthippe said...

You mean a person who spends his time denigrating all socially motivated behavior might use a position of authority to impose his own nonsense social rules on others?

You shock me sir.

Hatch said...

agreed, Jong

River said...

Gevlon cracks me up. Sometimes he takes himself too seriously, and he turns into a parody of himself.

One thing is for sure, playing Monopoly with Gevlon would be srz business..


Bell said...

No, no, you see...he's using "retarded" in its proper sense, meaning "slowed."

Wait, that still doesn't make sense.

Is "lulz" okay?

How about lawl?

LarĂ­sa said...

OK: here's a short report from the inside.

I'm slowly levelling a little mage, studying the guild from the inside. Admittedly I haven't spent that many hours online - the mage is currently level 23. But from what I've seen so far, there are deviances from the rules. I've seen "gz" for dinging, I've seen one member ending every uttrance he made in the guild chat with a unwarrented "lol" and I've seen "goodbyes" as people have logged off for the night. Admittedly when Gevlon hasn't been around.

I suppose the guild should be self-gouverned and that the idea is that someone should speak up and correct the guys who break the rules. So far I haven't seen anything of it and even though I've played with the thought to say somtheing myself, I haven't.

At this point I'm much more of an observer than a full participant.

Despite the misuse of "retarted", Gevlon himself actually has a good ambition, trying to raise the level of the conversation in the guild chat. One night he declared that from now on noone was allowed to say "fail" as a comment when someone did a mistake and caused a wipe in the raid, since it - which he's right about - doesn't help in anyway. Instead you should say that x player did x mistake and next time should make x not to make it happen again.

That's an approach I like. He's far more constructive than his habit to call players "retarded" and "m&s" suggests.