Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pally spell mage spell

I consider two factors when deciding which spells I like/don’t like: utility and coolness. For example, warrior charge (or intercept) is extremely useful and just about the coolest thing. So 10/10. Blood Lust? Ditto 10/10. While Heroism is as powerful as BL, its sound effect is male belf vidal sasson shampoo commercial ahhhhhh. So 8/10.

The worst spell under my rating system is Divine Shield. There’s no way anyone can be angry or maintain a gangster swagger while eating ice cream. Likewise, there’s no way anyone, not even Miles Davis, to be cool while sitting in a bubble. It sits on the left-most point of the cool spectrum and the very premise for ret pallies having to eat alone at the lunch table.

In PvP, it’s crazy op and widely regarded as unsportsmanlike conduct. In PvE, it’s slightly less useful than underwater breathing. I press it once a week to run through the upper spire air frogger. Other times, I keep it off action bar lest I accidentally trigger 50% damage reduction and 30-second wing lock out.

0/10 Divine Shield is the stupidest thing since the solar-powered flash light. Mrs. Lobred, my 10th grade English teacher said I should never have just one sentence in a paragraph, so there you go.

I, the JV Arcane Mage, am the Alpha and the Omega of raids. My ritual (of refreshment) signifies the commencement and my portal marks the end...except I keep running out of reagents for the Alpha and could never remember to put up the Omega.

Focus Magic is BALLIN’ YO. I like swapping it with another mage to make the warlocks feel isolated and neglected. I can’t rate it 10/10 because I had no idea I’d be receiving so many drama puppy dog eye whispers: Why didn’t you give it to me? I thought you cared = (

Spell Steal is off-the-knob 12/10. I love it. What's that gen vezex looking dude that makes you fight each other? That was the first "pvp" encounter on my mage, and I was pissing myself with joy. I ninja counterspelled the priest and stole the ret pallies' Seal of Command. I would have cleaved everyone to death if my staff skill wasn't 17/450.

You know those little flower dudes on the way to the rock boss in Nexus? They have +2% damage buff and it stacks. I built up a crazy buff and I would have annihilated the recount if I didn’t own myself. I thought I could break through spell reflect if I REALLY believed in it, but every stream of max-charged arcane missles bounced off boing-fwip boing-fwip boing-fwip and pwned me.


Irmie said...

You don't have any rogues in your ICC group? There's a lever when you first enter the frogger steam area, on the left. Have a rogue stealth and pull it. Instant fix of not having to bubble and sit alone at lunch anymore.

Arioch said...

Spell Steal is truly off the hook. It's just so damn expensive. But nothing like providing utility on Lord Jarraxus AND boosting damage at the same time.

River said...

Nothing says snobby mage like Focus Magic, heck only time I use it is when another mage is present. DPS be damned. :)

Rohan said...

The absolute best part of Focus Magic is when the mage gives it to me (Holy paladin) instead of the warlock in the group.

That's just cold. But hilarious. said...

@Rohan. I'd rather give my FM to a Warrior than a Lock any day. Of course the only crits inflicted are on the Lock's esteem.

@Jong. Spell reflect should be battered down with the hardest hitting spell you have. If youarent one-shotting yourself, you aren't trying hard enough. Make sure you blow your cooldowns 1st. I prefer Pyro or Living Bomb reflects. I immediately look for the Lock in the room, remove their FM and give it to a warrior... Who else would be dotting me up?

Of course you could use Icelance, but that involves opening your spell book and searching in the heat of battle.

Anonymous said...

just with they'd make spellsteal last longer than 2 minutes ; (

Markco said...

Very good post I was loling just at the idea of a paladin making fun of divine shield. Nice post and I agree that it should be changed in some way for cataclysm

Fuubaar said...

I like my bubble hearth damn it!

Best use of it was when we were doing "For The Alliance" We were trapped in Thrall's room when a whole bunch of Horde showed up bearing gifts for the Mighty Warchief and realized that he had been mutalated and was some how wearing a dress o.0

Many Alliance tried to flee but I was a Protection Paladin. I do not stand down... I bubblehearth baby ;)

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar