Friday, July 30, 2010

The Manner and Timing of Feedbacks

Sandy is an awesome pup I used to have in high school. He looks like a corehound except he has one head. He’s the best dog ever, but training him was so hard I almost thought about naming him Hemi, short for hemorrhoid.

When he humps on an unsuspecting guest’s leg, I don’t wait until the traumatized guest leaves to say things like, “Yeah Sandy, that was totally appropriate. Really, like Rico Suave smooth”, because a) he doesn’t understand sarcasm and b) he won’t remember the particular incident I’m referring to.

To make the lesson work, I have to kick the shit out of him right then and there to engrave humping stranger’s leg = getting slobber knocked across the room into his pitbull dps brain.

I don’t like fires, void zones, and other general bad things that tick away chunks of hp. The ticking mechanic places undue stress on healers for other people’s stupidity. Plus, if it CAN be healed through, the dps has no clue why he’s suddenly the center of sarcastic, angry post-fight evaluation. Muh? Huh?

I like Algalon’s void zones that shoot fiery geyser up your butt 50 feet into the air and one-shot you in a spectacular display of nubness. Embarrasingly crystal-clear instant feedback for all avoidable raid damage is what I’m talking about.


Arioch said...

More bad stuff should have immediate and embarrassingly visible consequences.

SlikRX said...

Training Pits (or rather, TRYING to train a Pit) is a challenge to say the least.

Most dogs feel pain and respond to it. even if it's just a flick of your index finger.


We had a Pit that took an inadvertant kick to the nuts and didn't even pause drinking from the water bowl.

Negative reinforcement fails to reinforce for them because it's just not negative. It requires pain, or at least an unpleasant startle, which Pits seem nearly immune to. (coffee cans with pennies DO work though!)

"Bwuh?" *funny tilted confused dog face.*

Then it comes over and licks you all over while wagging its tail maniacally.

Shamrockgirl said...

i <3 that u <3 healers. i agree completely that more of the bad stuff should be more obviously "bad".

Bell said...

I'm sure you know this already.

But you're fantastic. <3