Monday, July 19, 2010


I spent Saturday researching and getting used to my fresh lvl 80 mage. So now, by the power and authority vested in me by the State of Connecticut DPS Assembly, I here by revoke the rights to make fun of ret pally rotation from all mages.

I don't mean to punish you. I'm trying to preserve your dignity and prevent you from sounding absolutely ridiculous: 1-1-1-1-2 laughing at FCFS is a tid bit more lulz than a melee hunter laughing at spellpower dks.

The rest of you may continue to make fun of ret pallies.

Deleted scenes from the director's cut:

Someone from Chiba, Japan keeps landing here by googling girl critoris. Which upsets me, because this blog is a sanctuary of class, elegance, and scholarly endeavors. I blame potty mouth Megan.

Watch my leet deductive reasoning skill at work:

a) The googler is a boy. He doesn't realize that girl is an unnecceary qualifier. In fact, he is unable to frame the question to narrow the search (e.g., where is...) because he doen't even know whether it's a person, place, or an idea.

b) There was no unintentional spelling error: he really thinks its spelled with an R. Given Asian's innate inability to pronounce L, he probably heard someone say something like "herro pretty rady, may I perform cunuringus on your critoris?" and wondered, ku-ri-to-ri-s... ku-ri-to-ri-s wa nan desu ka?


Antigen said...

This better not be the final iteration of the post. I'll have you know I read the whole thing before you chopped out the last part, and your missing text is quite hilarious. That's all I'll say on the matter to give your other readers some intrigue and suspense.

As for arcane's rotation... I had to stop playing it because it was too simplistic and boring. ME. A ret paladin.

Yes, everyone, it IS that bad. A two-button standard rotation is stupidly boring.

Anonymous said...

Put the rest back in Jong. Let the masses read what you had originally crafted.

Jakatishimok said...

Yeah, put it back in. It was thoroughly awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you put that back in. It is awesome.

Issy said...

pmsl :D (at both ;) )

I am totally with you on the mage thing.. especially as most of them bind 1 to their mouse wheel and just spin it :P said...

Pfft... Arcane never was, isn't now, and never was a Mage spec.

It is still the utility tree.

The reason you only need one or two buttons stems from this.

(1) Arcane Intellect, (1) Arcane Intellect, (1) Arcane Intellect, (1) Arcane Intellect, (2) Mage Table.

Respec FIRE!

Then it's more like.


In respect to the search.. I dare say that the searcher was looking for your new Mage blog "Crits-r-us"

Ixobelle said...

There is no S in japanese, it's either Sa, Shi, Su, Se, or So.

The proper Engrish would be KU-RI-TO-RI-SU

which incidentally would translate to 'kuri' (chestnut) 'to' (and) 'risu' (squirrel)... chestnut and squirrel, it almost makes sense on some random level.... hmmmm