Thursday, July 29, 2010

10M Strict

If I were guildless right now, I find me a nice 10M strict progression guild. I would’ve applied to Hana’s guild. She was looking for a charming charismatic ret pally that can off tank and omg that’s me.

Normalized for head count and gearscore, I don’t think there are material differences in the level of technical difficulty between 10man and 25man contents. However, coordinating the schedule and focus of 25 people are exponentially more difficult than doing it with 10 people. Logistical and managerial challenges for 10 selfish bastards are a picnic compared to those for 25 selfish bastards.

To that end, 25 mans are way more difficult than 10 mans, but for the wrong reasons. I wanna be rewarded for my ninja reflexes and unparallel finger sliding skills, not for my abilities to play nicely with other people. I don’t care about them. I love me, and since they’re not me, I don’t care.

Fun fact for the EJ ret pally forum readers: Redcape, an undisputed authority figure in ret pally theory crafting, plays on my server and he’s part of Ogg Gulnath Tago, a ballin 10M strict progression guild ranked 11th in the world. These guys beat out people wearing heroic 25M gears through 10M contents.

I saw him sitting near dal bank and I pissed myself. I ran over to him and asked politely if he would please sign my spreadsheet, but he didn’t respond.

Fine you jerk. I prefer Bellator’s spreadsheet anyways.


Arioch said...

Completely agree that 25s are harder for the wrong reasons. In terms of game play, so long as people aren't being stupid, we've always found it easier to carry some dead weight in 25s whereas it's a lot harder in 10s.
But hey, at least it's not 40s anymore, right?

Hatch said...

Thank you! I've been harping on this for, like, years now!

So glad Cataclysm changes will un-marginalize us 10-man-hard-mode-ers.

River said...

Since I'm usually the dead weight I won't say anything.

But I do have a comment, if the guy is doing stuff for a site named Elitist Jerks, well wouldn't you ya know think he's a jerk already, and Elitist.

Hana said...

Nice! I really admire those 10-man strict guilds that plowed through the heroic 10m content ahead of the 25m guilds in 25m heroic gear. That one of them is a respected theorycrafter shows that people like us can still be serious about progression. It's just our idea of progression is different that most.

I also agree that 25-man raids are often hard for the wrong reasons. Logistics shouldn't be the reason a boss doesn't go down.

/shudder at 40s. I didn't raid back in vanilla, but I can imagine what a nightmare organizing that must have been. My server had a guild called "Loot the Hound" and even my nub self in vanilla knew what that was about.

Anonymous said...

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Vidyala said...

Oggh Knuckle Tultath dude's guild dropped down to 13th... We're 15th! I'd sign your spreadsheet, but I know nothing of it. I had to do ret DPS in an alt raid the other week and I just took Antigen's advice; he said when ret paladins look too relaxed people yell "faceroll!" so I sort of clenched my teeth and hunched over the desk a bit and hollered at random intervals. I think it worked, but the dog didn't like it much.