Thursday, June 10, 2010

some blogger links

In case you didn't know, fire trucks don't yield to pedestrians. I know this for a fact, because I almost got run over by one just now.

In other news, my furniture is here! I ordered $1000 worth of stuff from IKEA, which is saying a lot. That's like ordering $50 worth of food at McDonalds.

is one of my favorite warlock bloggers with unparalleled enthusiasm for his class. He's that guy who interjects with WARLOCKS RULE!!!!! every chance he gets. His latest on how he capitalized on an unwitting enemy’s selfish, irresponsible acts.

Two new blogs to my list: Pugging Pally and Pugnacious Priest. There’s definitely going to be confusions arising from the ambiguous acronym.

“Hey dude, have you read PP today?”

“Which one? The present progressive one (i.e., pugging) or the belligerent, adjective one (i.e., pugnacious)?

I found Pugging Pally because she drew Anea’s awesome blog header.

I once mentioned that New Zealand is my favorite country from down under because it’s Gnomeaggedon’s homeland. Someone stood up, strongly disapproved, and said, “Oh yeah? Australia rules because Pugnacious Priest is an Australian!”…so I subscribed to the blog. I also like to add that Gnome is from New Zealand as much as Rivs is a warlock.

I like Euripedes' new home.

Whenever I’m confused or sad, I crank up Runaway Train and imagine myself walking down this path.


Will said...

Isn't High Latency, Rivs, a mage?

Jong said...


Yes, he's a very proud mage.

Rivs said...

Actually Jong, Thursdays belong to my friend Bee, she started writing for my blog. So that post is hers.

As for the Warlock crack....

I hope your Bear pet gets angry with you and bites you on your arse.

Bee said...

Riv loves warlocks. He keeps pressuring me to do my posts about how awesome they are.

Rivs said...

I think the Klingons said it best. "Revenge is a dish best served with Mac and Cheese"

Oh and it will get served indeed!

Rhidach said...

SONOFABITCH. You're posting again! Good to have you back, man. The "voluminous hair" club needs more warm bodies to pad its numbers! said...

Rivs is to Locks, like I am to Kiwis... NOT!

Still, Jong could call me an American & I'd still love him.

Word verification... Zluty... ummm yeah sure that's how it's spelt.

So do I have to be zluty to post a comment here you think?

Vidyala said...

Hey, thanks for the link and mention. I appreciate it!

I think had I known about Pugnacious Priest before I made Pugging Pally, I probably would've tried to purchase a different consonant. That said, I never actually refer to "PP" because "pee pee" as an acronym is probably as bad as having named your blog something nearly identical to another blog. Possibly worse.

Of course, Euripedes now has one additional "P" than either of us, so clearly he wins. And now Runaway Train is stuck in my head. Damn it.