Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went to Seattle’s Best for a cup of coffee. I also ended up getting a beautiful slice of cheese cake because it was sitting there motioning come hither cowboy. The stupid casher carelessly crushed the corner of my cake. “oops, tee hee hee sorry!” is all she had to say… I didn’t think it was funny. How about I crush your hopes and dreams too and then laugh at you. Would you like that?

Today, Kim asks:

"Would you dare mention being a WoW guild leader on a resume or at a job interview?"

Uh, yeah? Do you write your name on your resume?

Here are the winning tips from the NY Times Best Selling author of Lick that Glass Ceiling then Punch it in the Face:

Kimberly Dowd, The King Slayer, MBA is terribly unreadable. The proper format is King Slayer Kimberly Dowd. Be sure to omit ubiquitous (and irrelevant) academic designations (e.g., MBA) from the header.

When summarizing your key statistics, capitalize and for the love of dirka dirka Muhammad, do not abbreviate. Write "Defensive Rating Capped", not "def capped". This isn't trade chat.

Highlight achievements, not responsibilities. “Responsible for raid leading” is bad. “Strategized and coordinated devastating attacks against the Ice Crown Citadel, which lead to the complete annihilation of the Lich King and his yes-minions.”—good.


I think the article Kim linked has some merits. I can think of two particular people that I feel comfortable hiring in real life solely based on the phenomenal leadership, intelligence, and people skills they've demonstrated within WoW.


John said...

Never stop blogging again. Your posts are the diamonds in the rough that is my Google Reader feed.

River said...

I synergized the team, and allowed goals to be met with my awesome lazers...pew pew pew said...

Gnomeaggedon of Gnomeregan has applied for the soon to be vacant BP CEO's position.

I think my name is all that's required on the application.

Gnome Armageddon - check
Gnomeregan - prior experience - check

I'll send you my bank account details.

Grimmtooth said...

"How about I crush your hopes and dreams too and then laugh at you. Would you like that?"

I see Megan's influenced your thinking. She's done well. I think you're ready to roll up that baby Warlock now.

Anea said...

I heartily agree with John - it's a (super big awesome) nice surprise to see one of your posts come up in the feedreader.

For precisely this reason.

Averna said...

Why are you not on Twitter. I want to stalk, er, follow you.

After searching on twitter for supaflyretpally, jong, forbearance, and imahotbelfyoubettabelieveson, the closest I could come to finding you on Twitter was "retpally" who is "a job-seeker by day and a WoW extreme-enthusiast at night, In between, my dogs, cats, & puzzles keep me occupied." Didn't sound like your style. Too fluffy.

Kimberly said...

I effing love you, Jong! Because you (and you alone) think I have the skillz and the guild to become a Kingslayer.

Bless your belf heart.

And yes, never stop blogging again.


Rhidach said...

I could see guild management experience translating to the real world, but if I was looking at a resume and someone said they were Defense Rating Capped I'd reject them outright with me "There is no Defense Cap!" stamp.