Wednesday, June 23, 2010

profanity filter

I was wondering why my guildies were censoring themselves on gchat. Does the new chat frame turn on the profanity filter by default?

I think it'd be way more fun if the censor replaces profane words with other real words instead of @#$(%^&.

You moth flutter! Rez me nao!


Suck on my deck and go "mmmm patio furnitures". Rez me NAO!


Ok, ok. I'm sorry rez me please.

You should really check out that entry in link. Black has to be the second funniest scrub I've ever seen. This guy wins:

[Scrub]: You stupid bg leader! Take this mark off my head now!

[BG Leader]: ...

[Scrub]: Take it off now!

[BG Leader]: Dude, that's Hunter's Mark.


Teresa said...

My profanity filter was turned on too after the patch so I think it did. I have a guildmate who made his status something to the effect of watching porn with a pack of socks and it was bleeped.

Hurrah for my second place scrub!

I usually just ignore people who start swearing but it was too amusing not to poke at him.

River said...

I swear so much, truck drivers tell me to tone it down.

Sassafras said...

I had some guildies that complained of this, but my filter wasn't turned back on. I am guessing this has to do with me turning it off ages ago before I started using chat mods.

That or all the profanity I use....

River said...

I'm going to make a Pally, and he's going to have crappy flat hair. Then name him Jong. I'm gonna dress him up in ugly greys too.

Bell said...

I always use the profanity filter. I love it :)