Thursday, June 3, 2010

Optimus would plug the crap out of that hole.

I reinstalled wow and logged in for the first time since February.

It seems like the life on Azeroth moved on just fine without me. The sun still rose, mortgage payments were made, and a new batch of odd-defying American Idol contestants were selected.

I rolled a lvl 1 warlock on Argent Dawn so I can apply to the prestigious hardcore raiding guild Single Abstract Noun. I tried whispering some members, but they told me to piss off and ignored me.... I'm okay, it’s just feelings, it’ll heal back.

I’m not ready to jump back into the raiding scene. I have to get used to the buttons and stuff. More importantly, I have to restore the killer instinct. I’ve lost that fire, and I’ve turned into this big casual pussy who don’t care about topping recount.

I ordered a custom body-length mirror to conduct the daily self-affirmation and fire restoration therapy:

You are Jong.
You are one handsome magnificent bastard.
You are, in fact, what Willis was talking about.
Yes you are.
And you will dance as if no one is watching.
Yes you will.

I enjoy reading Maureen Dowd’s op-ed. She wields rapier wit and mad opinionating skills:

One little hole a mile down on the ocean floor, so deep it seems like hell spewing up its sulfurous smoke, has turned the thrilling saga of “The One” into the gurgling horror of “The Abyss.” (Thank goodness James Cameron, the director of “The Abyss,” came to Washington Tuesday to help the administration figure out how to cap the BP well. What’s next? Sending down the Transformers and Megan Fox?)

She kinda looks like D, an impressive lady I work with who gets included in all the who’s-who list of the Wall Street. She said I was stupid and need more schooling (she really said that in so many words and hurt my feelings). I think women have the potential to be a lot meaner than men as managers. My theory is that they’re constantly playing Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know in their heads, which renders them incapable of feeling any remorse.


Anonymous said...

You comming back Jong? We beez awaitin...

Grimmtooth said...



Dude, I will totally log in to AD to /ginvite you. Drop me an email and we'll coordinate.

By which I mean, of course, that we'll wear complimentary colors.

Anonymous said...

"...which renders them incapable of feeling any remorse..."

So this is how Bestial Wrath worked...

Shamrockgirl said...

well, if you dont want to raid then summer is the perfect time to play! i had to quit for the summer... havent really played much since march either so it just seemed appropriate to take a break. hope you find the fire - you just wont be the same without it!

Lippie said...

Take youre shirt of, and start on a chickensoup diet!

River said...


I still love ya! We'll spoon later. LOL!

Irmie said...

"You are, in fact, what Willis was talking about."

I love you Jong. This will make me smile all day.