Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I raided for the first time in months

Boy, was I clueless and out of rhythm.

I was clocking in rock bottom on recount, and let me tell you, it's an awful feeling. I wonder how Rivs copes with such feelings of inadequacy day in and day out.

I'm gonna watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back so I can get mine back too.

In other news, I completed 4pc t10. I hate the way my awesome Ironforge tabard gets tucked into skirt. If Blizzard's read a single issue of GQ in the past 3 years, they'd know such fashion faux pas is as tacky as wearing open-toe shoes with no pedicure.

Are you guys following the World Cup? My enthusiasm for this monumental sporting event is just shy of going to work with a full face paint, but no one else seems to care. I heard back in 1994, half the Americans didn't even know they were the hosting country XD..... I used XD emoticon, which represents errmm... a laughing cyclops, to indicate how absurd that is.

You guys know Amtrak's Julie? It's an amazing voice-recognition phone tree system with just the right personal touch:

"Ok, did I heard you say from NY Penn Station to Washington DC Union station?"

"No Jong, there is no place called Kokomo."

Anyways, Bank of America's implemented a similar system too, except it's a dude. The thing is, if you wanna speak to a real person because you have a question that's NOT on the phone tree menu, it'll still take you through ridiculous loops. If that's ever the case, just start cursing right into the phone-- motherf***ing c0cksuc*king piece of sh1t c*nt--and it'll actually recognize you're pissed: "It sounds like you'd like to speak to a customer service representative."

It's important to enunciate those words. If you mumble, it'll just say, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said."


Dammerung said...

Ditto on the lack of caring about the world cup. It seems like all my friends are barely aware it was happening.... as for myself and wulfa we planned our entire saturday around the match with england.

Rivs said...

How I deal? I poof my hair, get some spandex on, and play my pally. :P

Anywho, I am a sports fan, so I dig watching a little of the World Cup. I don't follow it religiously. I do hope USA goes far, I find it funny a team that does well it's own homeland can care less. I have some Mexican friends and they are really insane over it. Jesus in 1994, ya think the second coming of Christ was here.

As for the automated teller, welcome to the future where no one talks to anyone anymore, and if you do want to talk to someone it will cost.

I guess sort of like the phone sex you pay for. :P

Antigen said...

/Agree about the tabard nonsense. I'd just go without one, except the paladin tier 10 chestpiece is horridly ugly.

Oh, and thanks for the link on the side there! Is it any wonder that we can go around slaying Scourge and Alliance filth all day, then go straight to schmoozing with Dalaran's elite at cocktail parties and dance clubs later that evening?

Maybe he's born with it... maybe it's a racial trait.

Hana said...

Oh boy... I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I'm stuck with BoA's phone system. :D

Bee said...

"I wonder how Rivs copes with such feelings of inadequacy day in and day out."


Also, I happen to work for Bank of America. If you ever need to talk to a live person, I'm here for you. But, like Riv said... it's extra for a happing ending. :)

Bee said...

happing = happy. spelling ftl.

Rivs said...

Yes Bee, I have a problem in my account...there seems to be a balance of 0.

How do I go about getting that corrected, I know I should have at least a cool million in there.

You know what just transfer Jong's account to mine. Thanks, there'll be a little something extra in your envelope this week.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the fastest way through the 'talk to me message system' is to curse at it and suddenly it will transfer you to customer service. Used to be you just had to press '0' over and over. Canada suffers this indignity via Bell, our primary (monopoly) phone company.