Monday, June 21, 2010


After a disastrous VoA pug run, we sent ESPN’s Rachel Nichols down the vault for post-game interviews:

Why did you stand in fire?

A) This isn’t to say that my male Axilla (more commonly known as the armpit) is already producing irresistible amount of pheromone, but chicks are drawn to firefighters, super heroes, and generally speaking, guys who stand in fire.

B) I don’t know… Why did you stand in fire?... Why didn’t you turn on the dishwasher?... oh geez, you sound like my wife. I already feel dumb; you don't have to make me come up with a reason. I mean, can I just be stupid with no particular reasons? It’s not like I spent half an hour loading the dish washer and purposely decided to NOT turn it on just to mess with her.


Hydra said...

I always did wonder why my husband did that. Thanks!

I wonder if this is the same reason he doesn't put a new bag into the trash can after emptying it.

SlikRX said...

@Hydra - He wants you to feel helpful, so he does all the hard bits (loading/emptying/etc) and lets you do the easy part: push the button, put the bag in.

Or, if he's like me, he gets all the hard parts done, then loses concentra- SHINEY!