Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I found BBB’s latest post title--You are the wind beneath my wings-- to be somewhat ironic, because there was a time I didn’t know BBB well, but one of his entries was so good, I wanted to comment “Did you ever know you were my hero?”

I didn’t because, as you know, I’m an introvert and I have trouble expressing myself. I was also afraid he’d answer my rhetorical question with another rhetorical question Sgt. Hartman style: “Are you just sucking up to me or making a pass at me? Piss off! Sempre Fi!”

In conclusion, big bear turned out to be a super nice guy \o/

I rolled a hunter on Argent Dawn.

I tamed an awesome bear. Grimtooth, who I know has leveled at least three dorf hunters, suggested that bears make excellent leveling pet. “It’s like having a pocket pally,” he said. I thought this was funny. Pally AOE is so broken that people associate thunderstomping tenacity pets with pallies (remember BRK's Gorilladin tshirt?), even if the said pet happens to be a BEAR that comes with pet skills called Claw and Swipe.

I named my bear BigBearButt, the most iconic and unambiguous feral druid name I know, just to see if people would still come up and say: “Hey dude, I like your bear. Bears are cool; it’s like having a pocket pally, isn’t it?”

Bears are awesome leveling pets, not only because they tank real good, but also because they’ll eat ANYTHING in your bag—fish, cheese, bread, fungus, beef flavor ramen, margarita jello shots, etc. You probably won’t appreciate this unless you’ve had to run around in a panic state looking for a fish vendor shortly after realizing that your unhappy cat doesn’t like Parmigiano Reggiano. Go back to your country you uncultured American cat /dismiss.


Grimmtooth said...

Jello shots?!? I totally mark those as "do not feed to the bear" in the prefs file for Feed-o-matic. I pass those on to Jas for when she's healing in ICC. Can't Disco heal when you're sober.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've actually leveled FOUR hunters to some extent. Two on the same server. I may need help.

Lokkni said...

Warcrafthuntersunion.com has a metric crap ton of good info. you are actually serious about huntering Jong. Also, nice to have you trying your hand at it (my main class).

Should have leveled on Gorefiend as a hordie however. Orcs make the best hunters.

River said...

When your ready for a challenge play a real class...MAGE!

Shamrockgirl said...

i remember when i leveled my hunter (my first toon) and i finally got my very first pet... it was a cat. i was so excited and ran all over with my cat... and then i ran out of fish and the damn thing left me!!! then i got a bear and never let that bear go because i ALWAYS had something that bear would eat! I think i had a bear all the way until i got to outland before i went back to a kitty. I still have that bear in my stable though.

Shamrockgirl said...
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Shamrockgirl said...

damn blogspot double posting... now i appear to be spamming you! ;)

BBB said...

Damnit, it's true, I'll eat anything at all. I prefer the stuff that moves... where do you think we learned to Dodge so well? Fucking salmon, taht's where. Little pricks start all jumping and hopping around in their streams, "oooh, we're so tasty, but you can't get us cause you're a dumb ol slow ass bear.. nyah nyah!"

Hah... a thoughtful pause, a sudden swipe, and BAM! Smartass salmon for dinner. And a snack. And dessert.

Or was that thoughtful pause spent farting? I can't remember. Farting or Salmon fishing?

Farting WHILE salmon fishing?

Oh yeah, that was definitely it.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah... I love Jong in a totally manly, time spent in a foxhole together waiting to pop a cap in some dude, you got some cheese spread to trade me for a peanut butter in your MRE kinda way.

Hell... he taught me how to Ret Pally the RIGHT way, and made me wish I could theorycraft my Druid nearly as well. Can't give a man better praise than that.

And he did it while stacking shot glasses in a pyramid over ten stacks high, balanced on the taut stomach muscles of a naked blonde sushi girl in an Okinawan jazz club across the street from club Neo Manhattan.


Bee said...

One time I had to explain to my roommate the difference between Clorox wipes and Cottonelle wipes. (http://www.cottonelle.com/product_wipes.aspx)

Worst part... she never chipped in money for either.

BTW, so happy to see you back *Squee* :)

Anonymous said...

Pallies don't even _have_ thunderstomp!