Friday, February 5, 2010


"Ya'll wanna party like we do?"


Do you know what happens when addons go out of control? The stars align and the universe is never the same.

Critoris has just assaulted the lumber mill.

In case that doesn't settle in right away, I'll break it down for you. Like Texas, there's only 2 things that come from the lumber mill:

1) Wood.

2) Elemental Shammies jolting electricity through peoples bodies and then shooting them off a cliff with a concentrated storm of thunder. Those unfortunates then have to hit release and wait a bit before swinging back into action with full HP an---wait a sec..


So Arthas is dead.

I don't really know what happened in regard to the drama kill---I've read a few things here and there but the fact is the stars aligned and the universe isn't the same anymore, so I can't trust any of you. I'll trust Star mag though.

Can always trust aline from Star.


I do know this though. Jong made fun of my Pally for being an engineer at some point. Oh, nice aviators. Now why don't you engineer this Lego Star Wars Death Star in the corner over there like a good lilgirl and leave the real DPS to me. And make sure it looks like a moon.

A whole guild got banned because of Engineering. No one got banned because Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing.

It's like going into an airport. The more jewelry you wear, sure the security check in becomes more annoying. If you've got extra socket holes in your pants, maybe you'll get some weird looks because you're either a deviant or you overpaid for yuppie Diesel jeans.

Bring a Saronite bomb though and there's gonna be drama.

"Oh, you silly non minmaxer. JC/BS is #1 for dps professions."

"That Ensidia Rogue threw more bombs than Funkmaster Flex and djkool combined. Arthas is dead and now that the universe is no longer the same---let my clear my throat, JC/BS stands for Just Cut the Bull Shit."



Antigen said...

That's what makes me think they knew about the exploit all along. Engineering these days is a quaint profession, with cool gizmos and stuff, but speaking from a min/max standpoint, Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting is the best prof combo for almost all (if not totally all) specs. The fact that Ensidia had multiple raiders using Saronite Bombs only reinforces the belief that they knew of the exploit, maybe going so far as to have their raiders level Eng up to use the bombs.

I could be wrong, but this situation definitely smells fishy.

River said...

I think the question on top of my mind is. Did anyone teabag Arthas?? They should of. If not permaban them all!!

HP said...

I originally thought the same as you but after finding out about other facts, it seems that Ensidia really meant to exploit but they pretended otherwise.

I read Blessing of Kings, which convinced me of this.

If not for that, I would have thought their punishment was BS too

P.S. I'm a BS/JC, love it!

Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I think the collection should secure more info then it has.