Thursday, February 25, 2010

I just remembered how therapeutic blogging can be

Hai gusy!

Job searching is kicking into high gears, and I think I'll be settling on something soon. I can't wait to get out of this town. They have great tacos here, but I could never get a decent hair cut; I asked for a professional looking interview cut but they got me the Mexican pastor cut.

I'm still recovering from a really bad interview I had last week. The interviewer was a freakishly smart guy and spoke with a heavy Eastern European accent. I bet he used to build nuclear bombs for USSR and made a career change into quantitative finance after reading the testimonials on monster dot com.

Did he bust my balls?

Nope, he blew them into smithereens. The left nut kinda blew up right in its place. The right one shot off, ricocheted into the corner baseboard, and rolled under the table.

"Here," he said after kindly picking it up and dusting it off, "I believe this belongs to you."

I walked out of the room quivering. I haven't walked like that since I was circumcised in 4th grade.

It's stupid, but I often find myself forming an opinion of a group because of one person. Because of Bruno, my former colleague, I think the entire country of Portugal is AWESOME.

Bruno was fresh out of school with a PhD from UCLA. He was also pretty fresh off the boat and had difficulties with American slang. Screw Driver was his drink... with grey goose, I think.

I remember this one night we were working on a project together past 10 pm.

"Yes! FUCK YES!" I yelled as I banged the desk. "We got it Bruno! This is it! Awww shiiiit, we're gonna get some vodka and OJ tonight!"

"Yes Jong!"

/high five



"I know O is for orange, but what does J stand for?"

Last week, I asked my GM to change my rank status to non-raider (I'm a dirty casual now). I also let Megan know that I won't be blogging anymore. It wasn't an easy decision, but at least I waited until after February 14th. I've had lots of preemptive early December break-ups to avoid incurring costs for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Hwa Mulan was the best BAD movie I've seen lately. Chinese made a real movie out of Disney's Mulan. It was a low budget epic-scale movie, so the epic battle scenes only had 20 guys in it with recycled extras: "hey, didn't that foot soldier die at the last battle? twice?"

Anyways, there's a scene where Hwa Mulan kicks the living shit out of three guys in a barrack. She was like nuh-uh, you can't Tai Chi this and owns everyone. I thought, holy crap, that's Megan.

I told her about it and she said I make her sound like a vicious person.

"Well," I said, "but she only flips out when it's GO time. Other times, she's a big softy girly girl who cries for her friends and family-- DADDY, WHO DO YOU LOVE THE SECOND MOSTEST?"


"She secretly volunteered her service into army so her sick father can stay home."

I've had a blast with Forbearance. Thanks for the good times and memories.



Darraxus said...

WTF bitch. Why do the brightest stars always burn out fastest?

Ian said...

I'll tell you what: I'll just leave the blog in my RSS reader, and the next time you need some therapy, or to flip out on some WoW blogger and then delete the post, I'll still be here, okay?

Antigen said...

We'll miss you man. If you or Megan ever feel like tossing up a guest post on my blog, you are much more than welcome. The blogosphere just will not be the same...

Keep living the ret life and don't forget your Warcraft roots; pop wings and get that job!

Lokkni said...

Thanks for the fun reads Jong. You have a talent. This site will stay in my rotation still just in case I catch you needing therapy again.

Be well sir.

Arioch said...


This blog will never leave my feed reader.

I, too, would welcome guest posts from either of the talented writers here.

Hana said...

Aw... you too? :( Well, I don't retire blogs from my reader, so if you ever come back, I'll see you around. I'll miss your humor, and good luck with the job search!

Firespirit said...


We lost three bloggers this week now!

Suicidal Zebra, Aspect of the Hare, and Forbearance!!!!!

Sigh... I guess I am going to have to pick up my blogging responsiblities now. Jong, you will be missed.

If ever you want to write a thing or two, I'd be happy to host it.

Jack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hatch said...

This suuuucks! I'll keep an eye out for your return. Best of luck with everything!

Vulpina said...

I'm still going to check this site every day first thing in the morning. :( No one gives the DPS love like you do Jong, no body. :(

Good luck with the job search!

Anonymous said...

No!!! Jong I will miss you!!! I check Forbearance daily just waiting for a sentence or two from you to get me by! But alas :( You will be missed, ty for all the laughs and good times I hope your future rocks!

Rhidach said...

Best of luck, Jong.

River said...

You son of a pulled me into your little pally world, now my baby pally is almost all grown up you leave me. Thats it no V-day gift for you.

Just kidding Jong, loved your blog, your humor will be missed, and good luck with anything you do. Don't be a stranger. Your blog will forever be on my blogroll in honor of you.

Take care my friend.

gnomeaggedon said...


i'm sad that I won't get to read you, but I am happy knowing that everytime I get shafted in the BGs or I look up to see that I am one of only 3 left in a 25 man raid my 1st thought is to rip off my shirt and smack talk that boss into submission...

That is your legacy... Smooth chested Gnomes talking smack in a high pitched voice.

Gnomer and Out!

Word verification: yelochil

Pike said...

It's my fault, wasn't it? I started it! D:

*hugs Jong*

GigaWatts said...

Dang dude, I've been following you since before Megan showed up... yup no bandwagon here. Anyway, take care out there, there's no RL Divine Shield, but you can always pop wings and kick some ass.

I have this feeling that I'm going to actually have to update my blog now to keep us Pallies on top.

Take care though, and be careful who you rip your shirt off in front off... don't wanna damage the goods.. oh, and wear a cup to your next interview, they can get rough sometimes.

Rilandune said...

I hope to one day see a post come up in my reader saying "by Jong"

Until then, be safe, have fun, and thanks for all the great reads!

Cheers mate! Best of luck!

Keredria said...

Aww... take care Jong. Your unique style and sense of humor will most definitely be missed.

Ophelie said...

This better be just like the last time you tried to quit blogging. You know, last July when you came back after a week.

I'm going to cry and refresh your blog until I see a "was just kidding gusy!"

LarĂ­sa said...

But life goes on, takes different paths, I know, I know.

You know where you have a seat reserved if you change your mind.
I'll always remain your faithful innkeeper.

Hugs and kisses!

The Big Bear Butt said...

Love you, man, only in that super awesomely macho way, of course.

Hey, you're still gonna send me that pic of you with your shirt off wielding your two handed weapon, right?


Kimberly said...

(sad hugs)

Thank you for being the only person in the blogiverse who thought Akromah would make a good tank.

And thank you for the smiles.

And I'll keep you in my reader.

gnomeaggedon said...

I wonder if BBB would be satisfied with a picture of Gnomeaggedon with his shirt off wielding Jong's two handed weapon...

Big Bear Butt said...


No, no I can honestly say that "satisfied" is not the word that comes immediately to mind when I visualize what you just described.

"horrified"... yeah, that's a little closer.

On the other hand... if i do get that pic, it's going on a shirt.

Dechion said...

Take care Jong, I have truely enjoyed reading your work.

You won't be leaving my feed reader, just moved into the section of quiet blogs.

Monsieur said...

Noes!! Write a book or something, I want to read more Jong! "popping wings on wall street" or something.. sad to see you go.

Tittertot said...

Ahh, been good reading Jong.

Happy huntin

Tam said...

Oh Jong! Best of luck - and I'll very much miss your blogging!

Suicidal Zebra said...

All the best for the future Jong.

Amoro said...

I remember when I first found this blog at work, its one of the few the proxy doesnt catch. i went through and read every single post and laughed every single time. I went back through and read my favorites a second third and sometimes fourth time. Ill miss my chicken soup for the raiding retribution paladins soul. Ill go hungry for sure...


Spinks said...

Good luck out there!

Syrana said...

wtf you can't quit us AGAIN. :(

Take care and don't be a stranger~

*shards soul*


/Moar Alts said...

Bugger and arse. You'll be missed. On the plus side my keyboard will appreciate the fact that I no longer spew coffee over it!

Raxerzk said...

Good luck out there, d00d. But what about Megan? Is she leaving too?

khaelie said...

you will be missed for sure. i always love reading your posts filled with humor and good times. Good luck in wherever life takes you.

Weatherlight said...

Portugal is indeed a wonderful country and we are an awesome bunch! Not as much as you though... Long time reader and first comment to say goodbye and I do hope you come back sometime, or at least from time to time, otherwise my office hours just got longer!!!

Karial said...

Good luck out there Jong. I'll keep hoping you stop by from time to time. Your humor inspired me to start writing.

Sprink said...

You'll be greatly missed, Jong. I mean, who else can possibly take up the mantle of illest ret pally evar?

Don't worry about being a dirty casual, though. You get used to it. ~_^

Ixobelle said...

hasn't this happened before?

Bell said...

I'm sorry that this happened while I was vanished for a while. I'll miss ya; you were awesome.

If you ever feel like just having a friendly chat, hit me up at


Farrack said...

): and that's all I can say.

Will miss you and thank you so much for the laughs!

Take care.

Vulpina said...

HEY what happened to the mini hello post?!?!!

Oxymustard said...


Lippie said...

Damn it Jong, why remove youre last post...?!

We miss you! (Allmost as much as Megan)

Get back here, Pronto!

Anonymous said...

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