Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eyesore, Earscore

"Sense us."


My Eyes and Ears have been subpar lately.


Try doing /who Jong.. yah, same thing I get, where the eff is he?

All last week I kept my eyes on the back of milk cartons at Trader Joes to make sure, you know, nothing dramatic happened.

Nada zip.. oh I know, he must just be busy rerolling for Gevlons raid in blues project. He had mentioned to me before his interest in it:

"I want to join Gevlon in his crusade that everything can be done in just Blues."
"Oh? To show everyone that it just comes down to hardwork, skill, patience and dedication?"
"Nah---if everyone else is in Blues, I totally have a shot at getting the legendary axe."

Well ok.. I was relaxing last night in my usual way (alcohol) and it struck me---it's not milk cartons you dummy.. you've been looking in the wrong places..

So I spazzed out and flipped it over like my name was Rohan in a 3d vehicle fight, and there on the back label..


Do your part. When the servers come back up and you first login today, go into a city and try /2 ANYONE SEEN JONG? HES MISSIN

CAPS are important btw---everyone knows that no one reads stuff in trade unless it is in CAPS.

It's sort of like every time I read one of Tama's posts---it's so wordy that I just skip to all the stuff in CAPS and endup making 1 long runon sentence with just those words.

I say the incoherent string of CAPS babble to myself, studdering and stammering so terribly that even my Canto speaking friends DENY me invites to their raid convos because my Earscore is just way too low.

You may call it failing at reading comprehension or just plain laziness, I call it I just got doublehaste procs with heroism up, the boss is at 19%, it's Stammer of Wrath time.

Anyway, spam trade, get ignored/banned, whatever---it's for one greater purpose, making sure our beloved Jong is found safe. Record all responses and we'll get to the bottom of this!


Lokkni said...

Jong come back! Or Barrikade! Or whoever.

Darraxus said...

The Waldo of Ret Pallys.

HP said...

Oh no! Where in the world is Jong???

Ophelie said...

You let them out of your sight for a single second and they disappear. :(

River said...

Jong, how can my dranei with the sweet butt ever reach ret pally perfection without you...

gnomeaggedon said...

I'll check in my panty trophie room when I get home.

I heard some snuffling and moaning coming from there but didn't have time to undo the 30 deadlocks on the door...

Maybe that last panty sack had a little extra in it... Come to think of it, it was a little heavier than usual...

gnomeaggedon said...

Nope sorry...

I checked and all I found was Odin's kitten playing dress-ups with the panties.

I had one other thought though... I did put out the recycles the other night... Any chance I would have thrown Jong out with the empties?

Gevlon said...

Until he shows up, you could post more!

Tam said...

I am a BAD bloggger I KNOW.

WALLS are bad, especially of TEXT.


Also: ALAS! WHERE be Jong?!