Monday, February 15, 2010

Blueprint (part I)

"We are, yah I said it we are."


I once took a really basic architectural drawing class.

I was pretty terrible at it. It started off with easy stuff like point of perspective and scaling, but then as the course went on it turned out to be more math and crap I didn't really care about.

When I say pretty terrible, you're prolly thinking one thing.. I'm telling you right now, you're undershooting.

I used "pretty terrible" because everyone downplays their weaknesses and shortcomings and dammit, I won't stand to be left out standing alone from what the crowd does---that'd be pretty terrible.

For reasons that God only knows, a game of 9ball with a few beers and half decent music, I shoot just fine. But turn all that into some paper, a straight edge and a mechanical pencil and I want to shoot myself.

I did learn this though---if for whatever reason, you find yourself in a position where you drawing a straight line of some sort (and no, line of coca doesn't count) means the difference between:

1) everyday business as usual
2) bridge collapsing and the killing of innocents

..well, you're in that position, so draw a straight line fucker. That line better turn out so straight that Avenue Q looks like Avenue DIGITAL CLOCK ZERO with a FIVE O CLOCK shadow. There's uhm, a lot riding on that line you see.

I messed this one blueprint up pretty terribly. The teacher told me I just killed dozens of commuters because I couldn't draw a straight line---I wasn't even a Warlock back then.


There are 3 general "throwaway" answers I read on forums/blogs/bumper stickers when it comes to discourse about PVP and/or PVP vs PVE related topics.

Of course it comes from diff people/sources and the word usage varies but they can be generously paraphrased as:

"I don't like PVP."

"I'm bad at PVP."

"I don't mind PVP, but I prefer PVE."

On one hand, it's not my job to make you like what you don't like, force you to do something you're bad at. That's your mother and raidleader's job.

On the other hand, I bring it up because those 3 throwaway answers are throwaway for a reason---they are built upon lines that weren't straight to begin with, they are the results of shoddy planning, skimped materials and subpar construction.

Throwaway wasn't conjured by clever Mages or crafty Warlocks. It speaks for itself---throwaway, garbage. Why are you spewing garbage?

That's a pretty terrible blueprint, and I'm not even just talking about PVP or WoW even. In any situation if you find yourself giving a throwaway answer that is based off of nothing but feelings or shallow experience, well, you didn't even deserve to hear the question in the first place.

I read a lot on forums and blogs how everyone wants "mature and adult" participation and "civil and constructive" comments---yet I see throwaway answers left and right.

I don't know about you, but I'm an adult---part of being an adult is when you carry the responsibility that follows the answers you give. Part of being constructive is when you actually construct something that is built to last for eternity.

It starts with a straight line and sooner or later, you'll run this town.


Now that I've made a pretty terrible post while the rest of the WoW blogging world is going off on secret fadmirers---stay tuned for part II in which I'll explore some of the answers you should've considered all along.


Arioch said...

I've come to the conclusion that I really only enjoy PvP when I'm in a BG or on a team with someone I know. Random asskicking with random people isn't as much fun. But get 2 or 5 of us in vent, I'm having a blast even if I die a lot. Guild WG runs are great fun.

Now, I have to say, I'm currently bad at PvP. But I think it's a combination of lack of experience in PvP in general and not knowing enough about the other classes to counter them. As I start leveling another class, I start getting better at beating them.

SlikRX said...

"bad at PvP/ I don't like PvP" may be throw away answers in your book, but look at it from the opposite side:

If you are truly lacking in skill at PvP (like me) or just don't like the generall asshattery of PvP (me)or generally prefer PvE (also me) why on earth would you WANT to spend time delineating something you(me) don't like?

I despise coconut. There, that's all. Why should I feel any need to go on at great length about *why*? Or go into deep detail about *how* I came to dislike it?

Same goes for PvP. Sometimes people just don't *like* something, and as part of a longer/different reply, they (I) may add: "I suck at PvP" or "I don't like PvP".

To me that is the STRAIGHTEST line you could draw: PvP? -> No. Striaght to the point and honest.

Any longwinded narrative of poor hand-eye corrdination, lack of communication, lack of sit-awareness/etc becomes the long and dreaded not-straight line. And often sounds like an excuse in any case.

And commuters die. ;)

Ixobelle said...



gnomeaggedon said...

I don't mind PvP, but I just changed my key bindings...

Someone stole my Iceblock, Fost Nova, Pyroblast, Spellsteal everything!

Ohh there they are right under the "I am am Megan Fanboy" macro...

pfft might as well just keybind that to every key...

Do I have to post a comment before you folk make another post... I will be more diligent!