Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time to Rock

"It's music to the ears---even Blood Elf ones."


Linking this again to terrorize Belfwetter (plus it has to do this with post):


Pantigen wrote earlier in comments:

How you have time to type out custom-made song lyrics when you're busy at work is beyond me...

I'll respond quickly here while he's in MIA on a trip to Germany so he can't backtalk.

I'm one of those people who constantly has music in their head.

I will listen to anything at least once, I don't hate on a genre cause of a few bad apples, I might be missing out on the gems. Plus, sometimes stuff can be so bad, it's good. It works with bflicks and cult movies, it works with music.

I am a sucker for a good bass line, uptempo violins and brass---hell, a glass bottle of Coke and 2 chopsticks can do it for me.

My Goddaughter received drums this past Christmas from her parents. I laughed at them, because of the noise she was going to make in their house (my Mother would have ducktaped my hands to the "quieter" piano if I had ever mentioned something like drums back in the day).

So the Warlock and Pally inside of me had a quick discussion:

"She's getting drums!"
"Yes, we should get her lessons so she can learn and fine tune her musical potential while she's still youn---"

She was very happy while sitting behind either of the drumsets. I told her she rocked, she said NO I DRUM. No, you "rock".. NO I DRUM.

Anyways, like I said I've got music in my head 24/7. This is because certain lyrics or segments of the instrumental will stick with me long after the song has stopped.

I'm sure everyone has experienced having a "song stuck in their head" but for me, it gets stuck and then spreads to whatever else I'm doing on a daily basis, work, commuting, etc.

So when I'm playing WoW and it happens, well.. the parodies write themselves.

MOP's Ante Up becomes "Queue Me Up, yo sap that fool, he wanna grind honor, corpse camp that tool" when I'm in WSG pwning the hell out of people.

Daft Punk's One More Time becomes "One More Phase, we gon' heal-a-tank, oh yah alright, don't stop the looting" when the raid is pushing into an epic phase3 Anub.

Don't look at me like that.

By the time I get to opening up "new post" days later, most of the song has been pretty much already converted to WoW related stuff in my head, the rest is just filler fluff or setting in links or namedropping other bloggers. Anyone who has blogged knows, if the content is pretty much fleshed out already, everything else is so easy even a Destro Lock could do it.

I guess you could say, it just comes together nicely and I enjoy it---when you enjoy something and then some, it doesn't take long at all.


2010 is official. Yes, it's just another year, just another decade.. but you keep adding stuff to a year, you remix it a little, you spin it with your personal style, and oh what a wonderful time it becomes.

Let's rock.


For the Pie said...


Let's Drum.

gnomeaggedon said...

... and Raid!

gnomeaggedon said...

I was pretty busy before, so just read the text...

But as I am playing more of Gnomeaggedon than ever and he is pugging the random heroics in between BGs... right now I have the opportunity to go through each of those clips...

I'm blow away...