Friday, January 15, 2010

Say Goodbye

"And I know it's hard---but I gotta do it."


EDIT: To avoid some confusion, this post isn't actually a "i quit" post or a "goodbye" announcement---it's a post ABOUT the manner of quitting and goodbye.

So no, my guestposts are up and running. For now. Eventually at some point, I will REALLY give Jong a 2week notice, but that's just a fact of life, all bad things must come to an end.

Need some quick input guys, I swear it'll only take a minute, you'll know when I finish, yaaaaah.

I told Jong at some point that when this guestposting gig has run its course, I'd give him the standard 2 weeks notice before I quit.

I'd be all nice and sweet about it. My usual italicized line beneath the header would be something poetic like:

"Everything I tried to remember to say just went out my head---so I'ma do the best I can to get you to understand."

He says that would be pretty fucked up because there's never a right time to say goodbye---if I wanted to quit, I should just quit randomly one day without telling him anything so he doesn't do anything drastic out of depression.

We all know how competitive he is, "2 weeks? OH YAH WELL I QUIT IN 1 WEEK, SUP WUTNAO??" or something. Whoa whoa, take it easy.. boy it's not you, it's me.

What you guys think? Oh, and to be totally not bias in anyway, I've already come up with the 2NE1 vid to embed that future, final post.

(or peep this one for better sound quality, sound only)

Why-Why - Why am I taking so long to say this?


Speaking of quitting, I got hit with some more bad news. My cousin who plays WoW is quitting the game. She called me up all hysterical on the phone in a fit of nerdrage.

I asked her what happened, and she said that some bag o tools got her account permabanned. I was shocked, she was one of the most helpful players I knew, she would always give me massive quantities of gold and abyss shards whenever I was in a pinch.

I looked her up on the brand new (and lagproved) Armory to find out that it's true---her character sheet no longer pops up and all the model viewer shows is a 3d image of a torn up work visa and a plane ticket back to Hong Kong.

So here's to my cousin---goodbye Ecwhcxejb, it's been a good ride while it lasted. May the person responsible for this get punted in the Recunt by Icehowl and festerrot in you know where.


I remember making this post last Wed, but later that night I don't remember much of what happened.

Oh yah, actually I do---goodbye Furious shoulders, hello to:


River said...

Wait a minute, me and Ecwhcxejb were supposed to go on a date next week, hope she isn't to upset.

So are you quitting, I'm confused...then again I get confused real easy like when I'm hopped up on bagels and cream cheese like I am today.

Or did you just want advice on your video....though I have...a little thing for asian your videos are pretty win for me. So I am very bias.

Grimmtooth said...

Well, at least I get a head start on being a sad panda.

FWIW, the act of asking is pretty much notice, it seems to me.

"How much notice should I give you before I quit?"

"Why, is it something you're likely to do?"


Now, it was me being asked, I'd recommend at least a two-year notice.


But here's a deal for ya - instead of quitting, expand. Instead of limiting to one blog on a fixed schedule, randomly pick a blog, hit up the proprietor, and post away. Then next time, randomize and post elsewhere. I think I speak for most of blogistan when I say that there are few, if any, that wouldn't be happy at the thought of SEEING one of your posts, much less hosting it.

Well, maybe Matticus. But, yeah, you know.


Now, if you don't mind, I have to go find out if I have enough gin in stock to cope. And I believe Jong likes the Tequilaz ... right. So, to Costgo!

Vailladin said...

If you hate (truly hate) Jong then 2 weeks is what you should do, pull that Band-Aid off nice and slow. If you like Jong even a little bit, rip it off and be done with it. One minute of notice ... I quit, after this post! Done

or don't ever quit and never have to worry about Band-Aids or that nasty ointment smell.

Joanna said...

The only reason Megan would ever quit is that she never has a higher CommentCount than Jong.

It's okay Megan, we bring the player.

Darraxus said...

Good thing I am used to you quitting. Quitty McQuitterson. :)

Kit said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin. Same happened to my best friend. With all the problems WoW CS is having (overworked, overwhelmed, getting scammed), does it occur to them that maybe, maybe they make mistakes banning people?

gnomeaggedon said...


You know girls aren't skilled enough to get 2,000... Hell, I forced you into an arguement about it once...

- Did you tell Jong it was because you had a metter offer?
- Did you tell Jong it's because all your panties are already stored in someone else's drawers?
- Did you tell Jong you were just teasing?
- Tell me you are just teasing?

You will make more people cry than when Phealia quit.

You will have a more tear filled tribute video than when BRK quit...

Oh Megan it's a pity you don't understand
You take this Gnome by the heart, you take him by the ...

Yo Megan!

Hydra said...

Braids ... has been missed and this just furthers my sadness that you are leaving us once again.

But maybe, just maybe, we will get to see you again. If this truly was your encore performance, I am glad to have been around to see it.

Thanks for the fun.

HP said...

I'm so jealous =(

Couldn't make that final push to 2000 because my warrior went on vacation. I'm stuck at 1900s