Monday, January 25, 2010

How Convenient

"We like ourselves, don't we?"


Has this sort of thing hit your server yet?

It's an upgrade from the LVL1 corpse spam that spells goldselling URLs like "susanlovesu" and ""---usually near the bank/AH of a busy city.

This was apparently some botting program that controlled LVL1 dorfs and shifted them in formations (in midair) to spell out the URL. They were zipping around in front of Ironforge bank like it was Top Gun and they had bodychecks they couldn't cash. Actually I don't even know if that quote is from topgun, but Jong will pull this post later anyway so no one will know if I'm wrong.

The "midair" part was the freakiest---they had no visible buffs like levitate. I know the pic makes it hard to tell but I wanted to more importantly capture the "G" for 2 reasons:

1) The "G" obviously is the more important letter because it is a GOLDselling service. If they happened to be selling something else, like girlscoutcookies or gHarmony accounts (that's like eHarmony, but for goblins), I'd choose a diff---actually, G is pretty solid.

2) I wanted to be able to do the following, the final nail in the coffin from this post, gg:

But yah, wow. They got a serious upgrade in advertising.. and it's much more organized. The goldsellers must have an evil, dastardly ringleader now, a new frontman that organizes their efforts.

But who? Who can control masses of mindless LVL1 Dorfs to put up URLs and messages in a public sphere that is visible to all?

I wonder..


New Arena Season 8 this coming Tues! YAY!

I was very bored this week---no Arena. I also had to sitout for 25raids due to overflow.

ICC10 for me was a blur that involved killing festerface, rotgut, 1 wipe on Professor Petridish and 1bottle of wine.

If you play Arena, I'd like to wish you goodluck! If you don't and loathe PVP in anyform, I hope you like my upcoming posts slated for this month as I promised earlier.

Modified quote from legendary NAT SHERMAN:

"A man's GEAR will tell you if he has raided. His GEMS/ENCHANTS, if he has read EJ.

But if you want to know if he's a SPORT, see if he's wearing a good RATING."


HP said...

looking forward to your pvp posts! =)

Eversor said...

Saw the horde version of that yesterday. Floating line o' orcs outside the bank. strange...

Ixobelle said...

chogall is ridonkulous. I should make a post over at ixo with full screenshots when I dig them up out of my folder. we don't get URLs, we get the fucking magnacarta from the AH to the bank.

Gettysburg address, NUCKA WUT?!

Anonymous said...

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