Friday, January 29, 2010

The Four C's

"I'm going to go with what is Crowd Control and Coordinated Cooldowns, Alex."


So Blizz made me into a liar cause Season 8 didn't start yet. Another week of being bored out of my mind.

To cure some of the boredom, I started on my taxes. I realized that in the past year, I've spent way too many Arena and Honor pts.


My RL (also my Arena Shammy) got that funny Abacus trinket. I lost the roll on it, but I didn't get mad---it's very fitting because he's an accountant IRL and just recently farmed his way into CPA exalted rep (GRATS).

I don't really know the diff. between a CPA and a non CPA, but I'm sure it has to do with the amount of gang signs he can flash out and how much whitegold he can floss on his calculator wristwatch.

The Abacus cost him no DKP because the whole guild is trying to butter him up into doing their taxes.


Forbearance is up to 89 followers. I don't think Jong cares anymore, but he should, even if half of that number is really Gnomeaggedon's alts.

I am going to go on a mini promo spree soon on forums to get more readers.

I guess I'll have to break down and register up at MMOChumps soon. Anyone know what kind of medical shots I need before I go there?


I am going to share with you a pair of rules that I go by, you might know them already by the Four C's.

The Four C's are:

Cash Carry
Cook Clean

The Four C's is merely a variation of the Two B's, which you might be more familiar with:

I Buy, You Bag

I prefer the Four C's over the Two B's. It's really a preference.

Just as long as you stop right there in the pattern, don't even think about going to the Six D's.

There's no reason to---the Six D's are either back problems for some poor girl named JennyJuggs or 20bucks worth of batteries to power some worthless CrashinThrashinRacer.

Anyway, back to Cash Carry Cook Clean:

If I'm out raiding liquor store with my friends or family, or maybe running a random heroic club with strangers, I default to the Four C's to help me navigate the social waters.

The basic premise is if I use the cash, you do the carrying, or viceversa.

So if we're out because we need more beer/liquor for the party and I'm fronting the money, well I hope you bowflexed this morning---cause the only muscles I'll be using are to put my dainty Coach wallet back into my D&B bag and looking damn good at it.

Do not mistake Cash/Carry as a "you owe me" entitlement, it isn't a "I paid so you do the grunt work, SLAVE" attitude. It's merely an invitation for everyone involved to give and take, to take a part. Team effort.

Consider what happens if I lay out the cash AND do the carrying. Sure, it was my treat, but on the way back to the party I'm going to feel bitter and not enjoy our spoils of war---why, because while my wallet is lighter, my hands are heavier lugging this bag of alcohol in 4inch heels.

You worthless sack of shit freeloader, wtf---I'm totally screenshotting this and sending it to Morons of the Week.

It's very important to practice give and take on a daily basis, and Cash/Carry helps all involved do it the RIGHT way. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that giving is somehow a higher form than taking, or that it allows and A-OK's for superiority complexes in a relationship.

That sort of thing just leads to bitter resentment which defeats the whole point of giving in the first place. I GIVE SO MUCH AND YOU DONT DO YOUR PART, WTF. IM ALWAYS TANKING, IM ALWAYS HEALING, RAWRWRAWAGFSagFSGA.

Uh, the only giving you're doing is giving out poison, don't you know that poison (nova) kills me?

Do you know that most of the problems that people bicker about with each other in social situations stem from give and take? And not from the lack of give and take---it's the incorrect way give and take is handled. Marriages, work relationships, WoW raiding/Arena, hotdamn.

Cash/Carry people. If you learn how to give and take in a team environment, free of entitlement and resentment, knowing the subtle difference between when it's your turn to lay out cash or do the carrying, then we can all get back to the party faster and rdy to rock.

Oh and you guys are smrt. I don't need to extend this to Cook/Clean at this point. Half of you are wiki'n JennyJuggs anyway and not even going to read this---I hate u all.


HP said...

Did I just hear a little bit of Lady Gaga in that post? Was it just me? -=X

Give & take, definitely a lifelong endeavor to work on this for everyone I think. I think I can only do the "Carry" part in this part of my life but hoping I can upgrade myself to the "Cash" part soon!

Love how humorous this post is yet it's very relevant to everyone.

P.S. I don't have any experience with D&B, they as nice as Coach bags? Coach wallets FTW!!

Hikki said...

I don't do taxes >.<

gnomeaggedon said...

No, no, no... apparently there are the same silly restrictions on number of toons.. so only 10 of mine.. but 10 of the best of course.

If you have the cash... I will carry

Karial said...

JennyJuggs isn't on Wikipedia...You lied to me!?

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to contribute with, just wanted to say: lovely blog, you two. :)

Anonymous said...

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