Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Door



I love Saturday posting.

No one reads posts on Saturday. I could write whatever the hell I wanted and it wouldn't matter because its Saturday. I could write an autobiography that has nothing to do with WoW, Ret, or Forbearance---and it'd still count to my 2 guestposts per week quota, ke ke ke.


I'm so happy that Jong finally revealed his Dorf Pally's name!

I had to try real hard not to accidentally slip and blow up his spot---it's tough being Jong when you've impregnated half the women in Azeroth, do you know how many dailies he has to do to keep up with childsupport? No wonder he kept it on the low.

I still wish he stuck with Jong as the name though, don't you? Or at least shorten the new one to Barri so he can Divine Plea when his Barri's Mana low.


From now on whenever I'm at a bar and some obnoxious tool is trying to impress me, I'm gonna say I don't give a fuck about your 6figures, this isn't an autobiography, this is a bar---pay this tab nerd.


If you remember my Rogue, she was el peor a month ago.

And now.. well, she's still the worst, but the best kind of worst.

She's ready for Season 8 when it starts in about a week and a half.

She's rocking iLVL 232 wpns atm which is higher than I had planned.

But considering the fact that ICC is out in full swing + the new heroics, I'm thinking my series of posts that illustrate an undergeared alts journey to 1800 rating with no previous MMR will still work---because iLVL232+ will be the new standard of "low on the totem pole" in gear in a sea of 251's.

It's not going to be a howto series of posts, it's going to be more theoretical/fundamental. If you don't like PVP or don't like Arena, or hell, you just think you'd be bad at it, I'm hoping it'll light a fire somewhere. Get your foot in that door, a door, any door.

And then later on when you hit 1800+ too, you can impress people until they tell you they don't give a fuck, this ain't an autobiography, nerd.


Megs, why do you play so many alts?

Because.. I love toons, I do adore.

//I love toons, toons, toons, toons
//toons I do adore
//yo put ya talents on this paper
//cause I would love to spec ya
//holla at ya when I see gear score, ya

//I got this Shadow chica, she don't like me to raid
//so she call me bad Word plus Shadow Pain
//said she likes to DOT things so she likes to Flay
//I'm like - un momento mami, Fade up ya tempo
//I got this Prot War, she don't know Thunda Clap
//always cappin out Defense, tauntin Aggro snaps
//she like listen Meg-a-M'am, I don't care if you blog
//you better - H E A L B O T me
//I got this Lock chick that loves to Succ 'BIS
//she think she 'cess Leia with her Braids in a twist
//my - first Class amor - to Soul Well
//Heaven - you fine as fuck but you came outta Hell
//I got this Druid Elf, the day that I made her
//asked her what Form she with, Fur Bark or Feather
//she said all you need to know is I'm not a Rogue
//and to get with me you better Shapeshift like-a-pro

//now that's Shadow chick, Lock chick, Druidic and Prot
//that's Fort buff, Mark buff, damn I'm gettin HOTs
//Lazer con Pollo, Mind Flays Shockwave
//an Affliction for Destruction but I roll for Plate
//I love -

//toons, toons, toons, toons

//I got this Rogue chick, she so immature
//she like why you don't buy me Mongoose no more
//like to Stealth out in public, Knife Fan-trums on the floor
//gotta Sap a couple Distract, just to shaddup her trap
//Got a Hun-ter Twink, that Flares her spark
//and if she Disengaged y'all that's my heart
//baby girl so thorough, she been Beast from the start
//hit my burst from the Marks, hit my fun in Warsong
//I got this Frost Mage that don't Cook or Sheep
//but she Ice her ass off and her Blink is mean
//only thing wrong with ma, she always Kite the scene
//goddamn she's fine, but she Portals all the time
//I get frequent Pally Power from my Retribeaut chick
//she look right in that Judgement skirt, she Crits
//she gives me extra Blessins and Cleansin love
//so I had to introduce her to Forbearance Club

//now that's Rogue chick, Ret Pally, Hunter and Mage
//that means I Vanish early, Bubble every phase
//that means I Feign Death, Ice Block escapin heat
//but I never have a problem with repair bills neat

//I love toons, toons, toons, toons
//toons I do adore
//yo put ya talents on this paper
//cause I would love to spec ya
//holla at ya when I see gear score, ya


Arioch said...

I read Saturday posts...
I'm a no one.

Really looking forward to the arena posts. I might want to give that another try if my parter doesn't get burned out on me being a PvPtard again. =)

Gevlon said...

I've just noticed that it's YOU. Welcome back to blogging, your posts were missed!

gnomeaggedon said...

"Barri's Mana low"

I can go to work happy now....