Friday, December 4, 2009

To the Choir

"Trust me, beneath you is a place where you don't want to go."


I've been reading the forums a lot.

Do you know some people hate forums? Or they hate those OTHER forums.

Not me, I like forums. I like 'em!

Yes, you can find the worst of the absolute worst on forums. You can also find the worst of the absolute on Earth. I still like the Earth though.

Do you know what I love?

I love Henn, though sometimes it brings the absolute worst out of me.


Anyways, back to forums---I like forums because it has a huge potential for discourse that matters.

I think every blogger (assuming that thinking/writing/discussing are pillars in their blogbaggery) should be active in forums.

If you write something sophisticated and posh for your blog, great---your readers get to see it and maybe you'll have some cross links. That's pretty sweet.

The danger and limitation of course, is that you might just be preachingtothechoir. Hohum, by the book. They're your readers already, and even cross links come from already familiar cozy networks.

You might think that the forums are way beneath you, way too low of a common denominator, not worth your ohsoprecious time.

How can it not be worth your time? When people volunteer to feed people, they go to shelters and clinics. They don't go to the elites of Park Ave. to hand out Turkeys---now THAT would be a waste of time period.

The way I see it, is if you can go to a place where the worst of the absolute worst reign free, and you can still somehow bring out the BEST in people, then you should do it.

It's a hard thing to do, but if you can, then you've got a gift. Remaining in an Ivory Tower is a gift wasted.

It'll bring out the best from you too, because it'll be hard, frustrating and taxing. And you might realize that while you were so focused on looking down at the forums---you were wasting ohsoprecious time not looking up and trying to soar freely.


Anyways, I went off on a rant on forums because of 2 things:

1) I found this thread which discusses CriticalTrollTroll's recent post on PVP and gear gap issues.

2) My Rogue hit 80 finally after doing millions of JC dailies.

Since my new LVL80 is pretty much the definition of geargap as I'm preparing her for Season 8, I'm hoping to develop some posts as I go along. I hope you'll join me.

At the very most I'm hoping to bring her to 1800+ via mainly PVP gear.

At the very least I'm hoping that I'll get a few people to stop relying on excuses and selfpity---and start bringing out the best from the absolute worst toon (in terms of gear). cwutididthar?


What's my main Again? said...

You will run into issues with weapons on your rogue. I'm not convinced 219 daggers will be enough to get you t0 1800 unless you are running with an insanely geared frost mage.

I'd be curious if an arena team itself can get to that rating without using raid PvE upgrades. But then season 8 has some nice gear out of the new 5 man which is where I plan on catching my rogue up.

Bell said...

The forums and I are entangled in a love-hate relationship. I will spend months on them, burn out, and then come back a few months later.

I agree, it's both a great place and a terrible place.

I'd love to post my most recent article on the forums, but making sure I can get consecutive posts on an almost 2k+ word count is daunting...

Bell said...

Screw it, I did it anyway.

lissanna said...

I started as a WoW forum poster, and only more recently moved to posting in a blog format. I use the forums as a tool, and (if you put on your troll reflective shield) the forums can be a great place to discuss important issues with other members of your class' community. I tend to cross-post between my blog and the forums (or post links to my blog posts in forum responses) because I see them both as tools.

Arioch said...

I'm with Bell on the on-again-off-again relationship with the forums.

I went and read the linked post about the PvP gear gap and I was OK until a post towards the bottom of the third page that suggested afking through BGs and I had to close the page.

Maybe some day I'll have something as eloquent as Bell's post about being an exceptional healer. For now, I just QQ.

Anonymous said...