Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Miracle

"Wait, what do you mean?"


For the record, I hate you guys.

I try and write sophisticated and posh guest posts and it's all like hohum, that's nice Megs---now let's get back to work on this intense Boggle session.. good Lord, Z T U N A T S U B, looks like gg for us, maybe we should have played Outburst tonight..

Then Jong posts the word BUSTANUTZ and everyone goes wild---the red carpet rolls out, confetti and flashflash snaparazzi go, ZOGM ITS JONG emerging from that pimp Maybach Benz, everyone smack him in the fase with awards, titties and 6slot bags of fel weed.

I'll have my day, mark my words---the Boggle Dungeon Finder Genie will give me OVARIANEXPLOSIONZ and I'll be spamming the IWIN button on my mouse so hard it'll break and I'll have no choice but to throw it out the window.


We killed that Orc DICKNITE boss in ICC10 last night. Our first few attempts involved leet Snottydin strats where I tried solohealing it while 8DPS and 1tank aimed to burn him before the 2nd Mark.

Those attempts failed miserably at 20% because I was so GCD starved and stressed that I ended up taking my mouse and throwing it out the window.


Our weeklyraid quest is Flame Leviathan from Ulduar.

It's pretty funny when it's Flame Leviathan as the weekly. I go up to the guy in Dalaran expecting to pick up a quest to kill an important and deadly boss that's key to the whole ICC operation, but the holographic image has a spinning Maybach on it---the quest reads FLAME LEVIATHAN MUST BUY!

I tried clicking on it but then I remembered I didn't have a mouse.


Ok guys, TIME OUT.

I don't understand why everyone is still posting about PUGfails, inadequate DPS, lolurgear and all other nonsense via Dungeon Finder.

You guys are supposed to be all holidaycheer and tistheseason, not Scrooge and Grinch Recounters.

You guys are supposed to be pillars in infotainment, a cut above the supposed troll forums of negativity and ignorance.

Don't you guys want to be the example that inspires and invites people to play better, as well as be better people?

What's the point of having howtoguides as posts, and then laugh and demean the exact people who would probably benefit from that guide the most. Ohwell, you just votekicked him, can't suggest the URL now. I guess that howtoguide is just for the people who already know howto?

What's the point of having tons of links and promo about ChildsPlay or whatever that charity drive was for kids---yah, toss a couple of bucks so hardknocklife Lil Timmy can play WoW, that'll cheer him up for the holidays. Now login Lil Timmy, hop into the Dungeon Finder so we can fucking go off on you for your gear/skill, l2p u failscrub---what were you in the fucking hospital or something? Merry Christmas Lil Timmy, go DIAF until your gearscore matches the donation totals.

It boggles my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I am very mean myself. I can make a PUGfail post that'll make ur PUGfail post cry in a corner. I'm the last one to sugarcoat things, you can ask my Arena team.

It's something I def. struggle with on a daily basis (if you've ever read my old blog in the past, I was not vera nice and outofcontrol a lot). I disappoint myself a lot because I let my meanness overtake my me-ness, and after my triumphant AHA moment of hatred and pwnage, I feel emptier and hollow than ever because no one involved won, everyone lost.

I don't like it when I'm that person because I know I could be so much more.

That's not suggesting I should automatically be happycheery nice, because nice can sometimes be even more mean than mean itself, and more fake to boot---again, overtaking my me-ness.

Either way, there was a higher road, I saw it and I didn't take it. That's even worse than being on the low road and not realizing something higher exists---there's always hope in that case, a miracle perhaps, someone or something might reveal it to you.

It's your blog, you can express and write about what you want, how you want. If you want to bash on people's failings for humor content, more power to you. There's a ton of it out there (not exclusive to WoW as a topic) and people eat it up like candy, it works.

It's the holiday season and the Dungeon Finder PUG fiasco is smack in the middle of it. People believe that miracles happen during the holidays, you can look at the stories and movies that come out. But miracles aren't always big LOOKATME events like Virgin births or flying Metzens---sometimes it's everyday small stuff like turning a WoW community into something that could be so much more, even if it's one PUGfail at a time.


Ok, TIME IN. Shoot for the Moon.


Antigen said...

This guy seems legit, Megs. Go for it.

gnomeaggedon said...

WoW, that guy just totally BUSTANUTZ Megan's post in one spam comment...

I want me some of that capital!

For the Pie said...

He's totally fake. If he was really good, he could start with 5 bucks and a gum wrapper and make you millions in days.

Becky said...

I love feeling the smell of money.


Jong said...

My bad. I just read this post and deleted the spam comment without reading it.

Now none of other comments make sense and I'm curious what that anonymous spammer said.

Anonymous said...

I used the link at the top to visit the next blog, and they had posted there:

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Darraxus said...

Holliday cheer my ass! Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Monsieur said...

I like to think of the failpug thing as a challenge, its just part of the encounter. Like some kind of severe dps and avoidance debuff. Getting close to a wipe and spending half an hour in UP is much more challenging than the outgeared 5 minute facerolls.

On a sidenote, I bet this was how christianity popped up, in some oldschool irl dungeon. Some badass knight was like "fuck yea, I love to carry these clothwearing peasant scrubs, im whipping myself in the face, and god will love me for it."

Ratshag said...

Posts like this make me wanna have Meg's baby.

Anonymous said...

OVARIANEXPLOSIONZ...I love this term and I will hug it and love it and call it George. And use it frequently in guild chat.