Monday, December 28, 2009

Jedi Post Trick

"This isn't the post you're looking for."


So, I noticed there hasn't been a post since last week.

Scratch that, there was a post, but Jong deleted it---did you happen to catch it too? I swear it was up for like a split second, but then the viagra had a bad reaction to the eggnog and dooooooooown it went.

Just to double check, to make sure that he wasn't going to repost it up, I checked the list to make sure it wasn't a draft in limbo. There, I noticed:

I noticed that this post ur readin rite now is gonna be el numero 100 for the Forbearance Blog.

Actually, I lied, that's not what I noticed FIRST.

First I noticed how fucking depressed I was because Jong has surpassed me in the power of blogging and how many comments he gets avg. per post.

I once tried striking him down on my old blog but he became more powerful than I could have ever imagined---I should have heeded those wise words from the Jedi I once ran into at the Blacksmith this one time:


So then I noticed that his blog had 99 posts and a bitch ain't one. That's quite the feat no matter what type of blogger you are.

Now I KNOW there's some technical semantics.. for instance, Jong has deleted a buncha posts, for what reasons I dunno, that's his call to make. Then there's also that 1 guest post this month from Gnomeageddon.

I looked it up on EJ and the AP (Actual Post) equivalent of a post from a Gnome is 1 to .5---which would make the blog 99.5 total posts.

Whatever, this post is #100!

But like a good guest blogger I am, I know my role. I am the sideshow to Jongryana, it's only right that the legendary supafly Ret Ranger himself have the honor of post 100.

So I'll leave this post up for about half the day and then delete it at some point.

Or I'll just leave this post up and delete Gnomeageddon's post, that fucker stole some of my panties. I barged into his room and confronted him about it, he said BUT OH MEGS, it's all about spreading holiday cheer!

Then he pointed above my head, and there affixed on the frame of the doorway were my panties + decorative holly/bells. I said WTF did you really make mistletoe with my underwear and he corrected me---he said it was cameltoe.

Halp me obiwon.


Anonymous said...

AMG panties! Screenshot prz.

Antigen said...

This isn't the post I'm looking for. You can go about your business.

Move along, move along.

Kestrel said...

Well, I wasn't looking for this post, but here I am...'splain that one to me, Megs?

Oh, and to both of you, congrats! (Err...I mean, to you and Jong, not you and Gnomer; seems he has been snooping about the Aerie while I've been gone, as well.)

Vulpina said...

omg wtf

I missed Jong's stealth post, and I usually catch them too.

Now what I'm going to do with my boobs and 6 slot bags of fel weed?


For the Pie said...

I blame the gnome.

River said...

Panties, and gnome hate. This is pure win!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the gnome for letting me think about Meg's cameltoe. ^^

Arioch said...

I waited a day to make sure the post didn't get ninja-deleted...

Gratz on 100 posts!

Decorative panty wreaths... there's a market here. Step 1, have gnome steal panties. Step 2, make wreaths. Step 3, profit!

Shifttusk said...

Man I wish people would troll things I posted about how hot my underwear is.


Ixobelle said...




Syrana said...

You gotta watch out for that lil Gnomer. He was stealing your panties and making wreaths... and he tried to sneak under my covers (his guest post on S&S) recently!

Naughty lil gnome...

gnomeaggedon said...

I'm still waiting under the cameltoe for that special seasonal kiss...

I'm still liking my lips cause I know you like it all hot wet and sloppy.... or was that hot and steamy...

Who wudda thunk that Forbearance would make it to 100...

Belf.. Ret.. Paladin

The sort of stuff only a Mage could enjoy...

Me thinks this is very special.. I got 1% (or 0.5% according to the elitistJERKS) of this.. I am way to honored to stay Gnome... better reroll Orc

Rilandune said...

WTB the Obiwongnomie as a sidekick. PST