Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Guest Post: Gnomeaggedon's "I Smell Xmas Panties"

Urrrggghhh where am I?

Whose bed is this?

I remember a party, vaguely...
  • Lots of hair gel and Xmas bikinis.
  • Lots of DirtyGnomeDancing
  • I remember nearly drowning in the spa...


Mmmm look at all those panties stuck to the ceiling!

What's that over there... A copy of BuffdBelf... Must be a body building magazine... Ohhh they don't wear many clothes while body building....

There is a scent to this room... Somewhere between Horde sweat, Tommy Belffieger colonge and Dwarf vomit.


Errrr this other room also has panties stuck to the ceiling...

Where the he'll am I?

Ohhh a copy of GnomesExposed... Mmm how did those pictures of me get in there?

Well, I sort of hope that I have a fan. I notice most of the pages are stuck together... Yeeeuuuccck!

It's too hard to tell which room is which.
  • Both have armor sets.
  • Both have panties stuck to the ceiling
  • Both have bottles of JD covering nearly all the floor space.
  • Both have bikini armor befitting a human, or maybe a Belf.


Ohhh look, a Xmas tree!

Mmmm most of the presents have already been opened...

Ahhh look, here's one with the a tag:
To: Oomaggedon
From: Gnomeaggedon

But, it's been opened... It's Gnome sized too....


Now it all comes back to me....

I was cruising through Ironforge on my Strider with the Doof blaring out of my SSS (StriderSoundSystem) when that dodgy Dwarf Paladin shot me down. Wrapped me up and posted me....


Ohhh yeah, then there were all those girls ripping the paper off... Ripping my robes off... Dressing me as Santa's little helper and..... /blush

I guess that means I had a Merry Xmas Panty Party

Merry Christmas to the incredible duo of Jong and Megan...

Many happy blog posts of the season to you and your readers!

Gnomer and Out!


Dorgol said...

So this is what life would be like if Jong had mage a Gnome... anything.

I'm glad the world is safe from such an occurance.

For the Pie said...

No, this is what happens when you feed a gnome after midnight...or is it get them wet?

Not sure.

Becky said...

I can only hope that my company's Christmas party is half as cool as this one.


RIver said...

Gnomey is Hoeing himself out or something. LOL!

gnomeaggedon said...

I'm Ho Ho Ho'ing myself out... You want some... $5 for a comment, $10 for a troll... Looking at you, I don't think you can afford the full service ;-)

Cole said...

what color were the pants???

Shamrockgirl said...

I was wondering what happened to my panties...