Wednesday, December 30, 2009

coffee thoughts

1) Megun’s last post was all about herself cleverly disguised into giving me the floor. What do readers care about more: a) my 100th post or b) Wreath of the Megun’s Panties?

I really wish she’d stop encouraging gnome from instilling images of pantie-seeking gnome running around my luxuriously elegant condo.

2) I like the last boss in Nexus and I like Hodir. I like jumping and those fights give me a legitimate purpose to jump continuously.

spacebar clown

3) Steve, the only non-Indian guy at my company's tech dev team, looks like he’d be really good at wow. He’s rocking a pony tail to compensate his rapidly receding hairline. He’s got manboobs and concave nipples rudely protruding through his faded t-shirt. Thick Smart Shade Change glasses.

It's one thing to be good at wow. It’s entirely another thing to look like you’d be good at wow.

4) I think WSSR is still the best looking range weapon in the game. This is my wolvar hunter and her pet Rafa.

5) During my college summers, I worked as a bartender at Shock-o-Bottom, a bar district in Richmond, VA. Richmond sucks. It’s like Gotham city except there’s no Batman.

Many of my heavy tippers were bartenders who work at other bars. Bartenders tip bartenders, because they understand.

I never get mad at that one DPS who always delays the dungeon q. That guy waited for 35 minutes to q and fell asleep at the keyboard. I understand.

6) Gevlon and Ari recently covered RAWR. I thought those were helpful posts for new players.

I couldn’t believe there were so many trolls:

a) Why would you want to taint the truth with things like numbers and data? My dps is all about feelings. It comes from right here, the bottom of my heart.... you've read Jong Tsu Chronicles one too many time.

b) I don’t need RAWR. I’m from Texas, bitch... yeah, because reliance on a model is the surest sign of weakness.

c) RAWR is all wrong. It assumes uninterrupted, single-target stationary fights. No fights are like that… yeah, and the mankind should do away with thermometer since it doesn’t account for humidity and wind-chill effect. That’s what models are supposed to do: measure a variable in isolation from all other variables.

d) I built my own model. I am right and RAWR is wrong. How do you know you’re right you delusional elitist? Even the ubber nerds at TEJ constantly cross-calibrate their models against RAWR and other models.

7) 8) Yesterday, I learned that I can turn stonekeeper shards into honors into epic gems. I had 1400 stonekeeper shards :D

9) I really like the retreating sequence in HoR. It's packed with so much action.

"Prevent the scourges from disrupting my incantation!"

"I don't know what that SAT word means! But I won't let these scourges stop your spell channeling!"

This is a very creative guild application submission. Probably something ixobelle would pull off.



Vulpina said...

But I model all my toons after the Jong Tsu Chronicles?!?! WTF!

You're just saying you haven't updated it yet for 3.3 rite?!

/changes gem sockets

spinksville said...

re: 7.

Does Muradin says anything as funny as "Rise up, sons of the horde?" (I giggle on TS every time, need to screenshot it next time.)

Antigen said...

9) Caffeine really is the tops. Coffee, cappuccino, frappuccino, mocha, espresso, chocolate, energy drinks, pills, anhydrous powder...

It is the upper to the downer of life.

For the Pie said...

This is what happens when you let a gnome in. It's like feeding them after midnight, or getting them wet.

Or was that gremlins.

Oh well, Same thing.

Becky said...

Are coffee thoughts anything like coffee talk?

If so, I'm vaklempt.

10.)Fabioso the Fabulous... Neither Fab nor Fabulous?? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Teresa said...

My friends and I are always amazed that one of the most powerful mages in the World (of Warcraft) managed to get the Lich King to like 75% swinging her STAVE at him with a full bar of 880k mana.

Maybe her 'roleplaying' clothes are actually melee dps oriented and shes trying to show Arthas she can be a Paladin too?

River said...

I ave to be honest here :P I've fell asleep at the keyboard once before too. This LFG is making it rough to be DPS.

Also I use to be a bouncer at a bar, I tip big as well.

Just the tip though.

Anonymous said...

Just for a second.

Just to see how it feels.

Syrana said...

@Jong - Congrats on the 100thish post! And that whole jumping thing... I'm only inflicted with the urge on my Alliance characters, for some reason. I rarely jump on my Horde characters but something about my Alliance alts make me go bouncybouncybouncy.

Oh! And I have finally come up with a gifted idea for you. No gift receipt available though.

@For The Pie - It's gnomes and gremlins, I think. At least, I think that was one of the rules when I bought that gnomewai...

gnomeaggedon said...

10) That guy used Megan's Panties in his guild app!

I wonder if he got in?

6) I stopped using RAWR.. I now use LAWL...

If you can't laugh at your own clown costume, how do you expect anyone else to ever respect you?

Anyway, we all know that the gear is only there to keep you playing longer.. I took on Ulduar Hardmode the other night in only Megan's panties and the bosses just fell at my feet like *I* was the god

664) The next door neighbor of the beast.. don't know what that's got to do with anything...

Arioch said...

That guild app is just... wow.

I never used to jump but I'm finding myself a lot more jumpy now while standing around and waiting for people to get their shit together. 9 guys and 1 chick in a raid - guess which one isn't taking constant bio breaks? >.<

River said...

Happy New Year Jong and MEg!