Monday, November 23, 2009

The Tzar of Cosply and Loots

I think I did ok at the TNB interview... except I drank too much Jack Daniels and started spilling my guts out-- I LOVE YOU GUSY, MAAAAAN.

There have been talks of Ice Crown. I'd love to whine about this new gate concept, but I can't, because I have no idea what's going on.

Generally speaking, I'm happy with where the game mechanics are/have been.

I'm really easily amused. If Jaraxxus pulled out a laser pointer and wiggled it around the coliseum, I'd chase that thing in circles for hours with a huge-ass smile...amg amg laser laser laser!

All I know is that there's a legendary axe in the patch, and if I don't get it first, I'm gonna throw a hissy fit.

Survey: Assuming these bloggers played a character that could wield a 2h axe, who do you think is most likely to voluntarily pass the axe to a guildie?

C) Gevlon
D) Jong

If you said D, I'd be really hurt, because that means you don't know me at all, which means you don't even care. I already started preparing a 15-page Power Point presentation on Why Jong Deserves the Axe. If I don't get the axe, I'm gonna throw down ONE MONSTER #iblamesyrana.

BRK wouldn't pass it. If he were still playing his hunter, I bet he'd write a post entitled How to Gem the New Legendary Hunter Axe. Put three +20 agility gems in it and you're good to go, kk? Strength scales well with pet DPS too, yah yah.

I almost wanna say it's BBB, because he seems like a genuinely selfless player who looks out for his peepz. Any rebuttals from Sidhe Devil raiders?

I'm gonna go with Gevlon. Here's why:

There are lots of people who hold double standards with respect to upgrades. They are willing to cause all kinds of drama and throw their teammates under the bus for a piece of loot. At the same time, they'll dismiss the shoulder enchants, proper gems, and flasks as negligible.

Gevlon is in the good-enough-is-good-enough school of thought, but he applies that standard to every type of upgrades. He scoffs at the most expensive enchants just as he is lukewarm toward a legendary axe. He doesn't place any emotional value on loots. If it makes "mathmatical" sense for someone else to get the axe, he'd have no problem passing it.


Lance said...

Dunno 'bout the axe, that Tevez pic though had me laughing at work...

Vulpina said...

Do you need any more DPS for the Jaraxxus lazer-pointer raid?

Ahahahaha, I'd be the same way, I think all of us DPS types who are DPSers to the core would follow around Jaraxxus's lazer pointer. Ya know, if it was marked with skull.

Shamrockgirl said...

i agree that it would be Gelvon or BBB... definitely not you though. that's not a bad thing btw... i don't throw people under the bus for loot, but i don't pass it when i win either.

Bell said...

Unless that laser pointer is playing with your health bars, it'll still be the same fight for me :{

Topher said...

I gotta say that I agree. Gevlon would certainly pass it for the greater good. While I would like to sit here and say that I am a champion of team play, I would be hell bent on getting that axe. I play a hunter, though, and while BRK might be able to convince me otherwise, I'll take an agility stick instead.

HP said...

GL on getting the axe! LOL, I honestly can't say out of the other 3, who would pass it. Maybe Gevlon as he hasn't been really hardcore about raiding and is ok with being a filler raider.

Love your pics in this entry, especially the first one LOL!

Arioch said...

I would have to roll a feral druid for the Jaraxxus laser pointer raid.
Think of it, 25 cats... one laser.

River said...

Gevlon would rent it to you with an option to buy.

Stop said...

BBB would totally pass on it, if only because I would whine until he let me have it. Or something.

Ruune said...

Hell, for BBB not gonna come up - by the time the next *expansion* drops we might just about be knocking on the door of ToC10.

But I am sure if the question intrigues him he will bearwall it for you.