Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving List

"Make yourself useful."


This will be my last post until Thanksgiving is over and done with. It's a long one because it has to.. well, last duh.

I told this to Jong, but took a nice long, dramatic pause after "last post"---I never seen a man cry so much, pitiful really.

Afterward it was kinda awkward, he said it was just some Infinite Dust that got in his eye or maybe his Shoveltusk allergies flaring up again.


I finished up the Pilgrim holiday nonsense. I don't know why I did it, I mean I had already capped out Cooking Hardmode a few months ago.

Hardmode Cooking, if you're not familiar, is just like regular Cooking except there are stricter timers (esp. on medium-rare), limited attempts (like 1, cause you shouldn't waste food), bigger splash damage (esp. with large flasks of oil), and greater rewards (feeding Bridezilla + her drunken family/friends = paycheck, not stinkin' badges).

The Troll Rogue thing was ez pz, I just bugged a Shaman guildie. See, they are useful for more things than Heroism/Bloodlust:

The Turkinator one was not pretty. I think I ninja'd some turkeys (if such a thing is possible) and ruined the lives of people who were on a 39 streak. All in the name of Thanksgiving. I felt bad afterward, but then I realized it was just probably my Shoveltusk allergies.

Braids has a great time with Turkinator. She didn't get the achievement, but still had a great time.

It started out as a great plan to kill 40 turkeys around Goldshire really quickly and sell the meat to lowbies with no mounts but who needed to level Cooking---but she got easily distracted and started killing 40 of anything that moved.

I gave up on her when she eventually ended up in the Deadmines, murdering a good portion of the Pirate population.


When I was little, I asked my parents lots of stupid questions.

One day I walked into the kitchen and started my usual act to beg for my mother's attention. She interrupted me (had me on focustarget macro) and said go annoy my father because she was too busy making 200+ handmade dumplings on Hardmode to oneup and showup that bitch of a sisterinlaw. In the name of Thanksgiving.

So I found my Dad, he was sitting and reading a newspaper. Time to go ask him!

I forced myself onto his lap, blocking his view of his paper---see, LOS doesn't just work in arenas.

I asked, "Daddy, who do you love THE MOST?"

He said, "I love God the most, you know that."

Ok fine Dad, textbook answer. But not the one I wanted.

"Who do the LOVE THE SECOND MOST?" (second most totally makes sense when you're young btw)

He said, "I love your Mother the second most, she is my wife and partner in life."

Again, not what I wanted to hear.

"Who do YOU LOVE THE THIRD MOST?" (notice how more and more CAPSLOK appears as my frustration grows)

He said, "I love my Mom and Dad the third most, they taught me how to live and made me what I am today."

WTFFFFFFF. I was totally expecting to be #2, but not even #3 now! This was a slap in da fase.

He continued, "And now before you ask for THE FOURTH MOST, keep in mind I'm really, really keen on the outdoor grill your Mom bought me last Christmas.."

Gee thanks Dad, you wiseass.


One of the things about WoW is how much you can forget that you're not the most loved. You're not the center of the universe, as a child thinks he/she is (by default). Everything does not revolve around your sole existence. Even if that's the answer you didn't want to hear.

You forget this easily because WoW is a MMO, you create a character---the character is positioned on the center of your screen and all your interaction with the game and other people comes from this avatar representation of you. Your toon, your loot, your achievements, youyouyou.

Your eyes and brain are glued to the character on the screen. You love your toon, your toon is getting stronger, geared, capped. And then all of a sudden you find yourself in the same boat with 9-24 other people who forgot exactly what you forgot---that your toon and existence in this game isn't #1, isn't the most loved, isn't the most important.

This is where drama, strife, stress, ego and all things teethgnashing stem from. Stupid, child stuff.

When I asked my Dad that stupid question, I was looking for a specific answer, ME.

He didn't give me that answer---instead he showed me that the question was stupid in the first place by poking fun at me.

He rattled off a list of the various people and things he loved. It was a lesson, a hint---my question should have been "Daddy, do you know who I love?" and it should also have been a list, a list not about me.


Happy Thanksgiving---it's a good time to realize that having a list (and showing it) is always better than expecting to be at the top of a list.


Tazbutane said...


Well put. You are as thoughtful as you are humorous.

Jong said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too :)

holybacon said...

Thanksgiving grace:

We thank yee, Blizzard, for giving us this Raid boss, who shall bestow upon us epix. For you, in all your wisdom saw it most fitting t- FUCK, TANK DOWN! DAMNIT which DPS pulled aggro!?

HP said...

I can be guilty of this from time to time in game - your post is a good reality check =)

Kestrel said...

Thanks, Megan, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Bell said...

But...I am the most loved!

You told me so Braids! Right before asking for that loan!

Dorgol said...

This is the type of post I miss the most from OOM.

Which means I tolerate Jong's rants here for a chance to read Megan's whatever.

No disrespect to the Dwaven Blood-spec Human Paladin.

River said...

I'm a mage...it is all about me, if not I whine....alot. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What if it's a DPS list? Isn't it best to be on the top of that one?

Anonymous said...


Yes, but remember... Those with recount lists who like to spam it are often the biggest assholes in the whirld!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that we're no longer Out Of Megan.