Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ridiculous Control

"Good Lord, they're working together!---we're fucked."


Wow you guys.

I didn't expect such enthusiasm, 'cause the second after I hit "publish" on that one, I felt guilty.

I mean hey, strip off all that rhetoric and flair and what you have is:


And what kind of blogwhores would you have to be to resort to something like that??



One thing I keep seeing over and over re: Pallies, specifically Prot/Holy and Prot/Ret related issues is that "Prot" is ridiculous and shouldn't exist. They'd argue that the Prot tree wasn't designed and intended that way.

First of all, design and intent are way over most of our heads.

If you were to give a random, average player of WoW the power of design/intent control, I'd fear for my life. I see this IRL all the time---people think they know what they want but they don't, or even worse, want something for the wrong reasons (eg to spite someone else) and end up being worse off.

Secondly, Prot/X specs are pretty damn fun. The talents click together and add up nicely---is it really wrong for a Pally to have a spec that you know, works nice and neat?

There's a reason why people can go off on 10+ page flamefests about WTF 1/3 Talent X is CLEARLY OPTIMAL OVER 5/5 Talent Y. They're arguing over a single talent placement, but the bottomline is clear---making sure every talent point spent has a purpose and role in the overall build so that it works.

Prot/Holy gains offensive utility (still based on 30sec+ cooldowns, not spammable) that the other healer classes have had (in their case, spammable) for 5+ Arena Seasons and 1 full XPAC.

Prot/Ret gains some survivability in a WOTLK world of damage, which every class struggles with because the DPS required for PVE encounters has scaled terribly with player HP pools.

If going 50+ into Prot tree to either heal or DPS in PVP and having it work wasn't the intent, the real problem is that the Holy and Ret trees are lackluster. Especially Holy. Holy is friggin' terrible---beyond 31 points into the tree, there's nothing else needed to make "healing" work for the generic Pally. Now that's ridiculous.


Paladin issues as represented by Controllers:


Bell said...

So, Jong plays WoW with a Ms. Pacman Controller?

I knew it.

Sprink said...

I totally love the prot tree. There's just something about going from a squishy as hell fire mage to an unstoppable rock that cannot be killed, even if you have to resort to the dreaded bubblehearth.

*vlad* said...

Ms Pacman? Too hardcore for me, way too fucking hardcore.