Monday, November 9, 2009

Number Following

"How strong am I---I'm too strong."


Hey guess what? It's been a month! Wow, time flies.

Let's see.. I said I'd guestpost around 2 posts a week.. and I've done 8 so far. Go me!

Whenever I login to post something I see this:

Jong's follower base should definitely go up. It's at 45.

My dead blog still has 60+.

The two numbers, while in the bigpictureofthings aren't important, should definitely wifeswap. Please help us rectify this if you've got a bloggeraccount and haven't followed yet.

If anything, you'll be helping Jong personally. He doesn't like to admit it often, but numbers do it for him---I hear he screenshots and prints out past recount meters from raids where he's been #1, and tapes it to the toes of his shoes.

When someone puts him down and forces him to hang his head down in shame, he then gets a quick glimpse of the POWERWITHIN, right there on his shoe. His chin shoots straight up, his shoulders broaden, and he grips his finance portfolio like it was a 2hander---"negative, it's time to put you down".


One of the reasons I agreed to guestpost around here is I like it. I just like it.

The vibe, the mood, what the blog stands for (goes beyond the impeccable hairstyling techniques and love of jwalkerblack).

I find very few blogs that take this approach---most are very solid reads, but the washing instruction tags on my clothes are solid reads too. There always seems to be an emphasis on:

How to beat X encounter.
How to gem Y.
How to do Z rotation.

Washing instruction tags.

Before I joined this blog, I read it religiously and even tried to ninja the writer for my own blog. Why?---because the emphasis was on something more important.

How to beat X -> becomes how to beat X with all your heart.
How to gem Y -> becomes how to gem Y with 20+ TOOSTRONG instead of 20+ Strength.
How to do Z rotation -> becomes how to do Z rotation and make people believe in miracles.

The former is fine, solid. They are instructions to follow, follow them and you'll do ok.

The latter, the latter is something else---it's an invitation to follow. When the emphasis is not bogged down with little +1/-1 numbers and more on your heart, you'll do much more than ok. I personally invite you to follow and see the difference.

You'll skyrocket to a place where you can't be put down by anyone, a zen place of peace, knowing that you did everything in your power and more to not let your team down. And you didn't do that out of guilt or just to follow instructions---you did it because your heart wouldn't have it any other way.

And you're going to invite more people to follow.


In case my preachiness backfires and Jong's followers actually goes DOWN in numbers and I'm fired in a month, it was nice knowing all of you.


Kinzlayer said...

up by 3, so far... we <3 Jong too.

Vulpina said...

I love Jong for the same reasons. :)

Bell said...

So, I need to make more blogger accounts, is what you're saying?

Erik said...

I always read via RSS, but i logged in to blogger just to add a digit to your digits. Keep up the awesome blog.

firespirit said...

I am always visiting this awesome blog... from my own bloglist. I steadfastly dislike the blogger platform, so even though I follow, I am not one of those numbers...

Almaster said...

Almaster was here, and he followed this blog.

Shamrockgirl said...

I <3 Jong.

I would follow him anywhere!

Anonymous said...


and puppies and apple pie and frosted covered sugar bombs and fiery red wings of death and BLUGARGARGARGARGARGARG!!!!

gnomeaggedon said...

Me thinks the only thing I can do to pump Jong's numbers is to unsubscribe from OOM...

I guess I could create more accounts, but that would just encourage Blogger...

River said...

Meg was my chocolate, and Jong like my Peanut Butter, now your together in some morphed mutant candy, that has enslaved me, until I die in a diabetic coma leaving a trail of brown cup wrappers in my wake. THE HORROR..THE HORROR OF IT ALL! SAVE YOURSELFS.

Oh sorry where was I...ya I like the fact you both teamed up.

Anonymous said...

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