Friday, November 20, 2009


"Just writing it down is never enough, but it sure is a start."


You know, I wasn't going to bring this up---but now that Jong brought up how he had to re-familiarize himself with what the big white, porcelain telephone is called, it'd be a waste not too.

I've been moved in with him for over a month with this guestposting arrangement, so obviously there's some weird territory issues going on. At the start, it was the standard cliche stuff.

No more drinking milk straight from the carton. No more leaving a trail of socks and underwear from the entry door to the couch to signal you've had a rough day at work. No more leaving a collection of empty whiskey bottles along the window sill and calling it decor.

And those were just some of the ground rules he pulled on ME. Whatever.

Fine, I'm a big girl. Let's move on to the bathroom. The bathroom in any guy-girl cohabitation is like a Battleground, more specifically Isle of Conquest. There's tons of stuff going on like siege vehicles, bombs, parachuters from airships---and you're not quite sure what or where you want to fight for first.

"Megs, I know the toilet seat is a very sensitive issue when it comes to you girls."
"I'm so proud of you---did you read that on MMO Chumpion?"

The position of the toilet seat, whether up or down can make or break you. I quickly pulled out my old macro for Thaddius, modified and printed it out---I taped it to the top of tank where it was clearly visible.

So far he's been compliant. Lately though, I've been sensing some real passive aggressive hostility about the whole seat thing.

He hasn't missed the up-down thing ONCE---but he has replaced the old lid cover with something he pulled from his Prot offset, the one that looks like this:

And it's ALWAYS DOWN when I go in there. I'm fucking disturbed on so many levels.


WoW Manifesto

My name is Rafa.

And my Rank is Marshal.

I'm all Pally, I'm all Class.

Built not to Grind Honor, but with Honor.

Not to Talk Crap, but to Recap.

My Rank is Marshal.

I carry a full payload.

The loyalty of my Teammates, the love of my Competition.

I carry Reputations, I carry No Excuses.

And I deliver the goods with or without Forbearance.

My name is Rafa.

And my Rank is Marshal.


If you have a blog of your own and want to flex your creative muscle, feel free to turn this RAM MANIFESTO into one of those accursed WoW MEMES via:

My name is X.

And my Y iz Z.

Have fun---I'm off to try and remove this Titanium Shield Spike that Jong put on the new toilet lid cover. He thinks he's so clever.


Marcelo said...

Don't hate him, he could have silently sticked the spikes in the seat instead of the cover!

And, you know, the best part of fighting is the make up 'fix' that comes after.

And he told this is FORBEARANCE, not outofmana!

<3 you both. You 2 crack me up.

Hana said...

Oh my god, I about died picturing the Boreal Guard as a toilet seat cover! XD

HP said...

Ooh, clever way to update us all on your feats ingame! It's really creative =)

I'm jealous of your frenzied Defender achievement! And your Hot streak!

I hope you and Jong work out your passive agressive issues, or not if more posts like this keep appearing! =D

gnomeaggedon said...

If my played (or was even prepaed to hear tthe word WoW uttered), I'd quickly pinch that Thaddius guide.

As it is she wrote a sign for our toilet before a party:

"Please close the toilet lid before flushing"

I immediately saw a probelm, so made a quick ammendment:

"... and raise it before peeing"

she is still not impressed.

The battle has gone from the seat to the sign...

One thing we do agree on:

if it's yellow, let it mellow,
if it's brown, flush it down.

River said...

What Jong doesn't pee sitting down like a girl. Huh, I lost a bet with a guildie.