Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grateful Dead

"Now look here, you yourself said it's All Souls', and that is just what I expect to receive."


If you don't browse the AJ Forums or haven't read this thread yet, go do it now---you won't regret it.

As for my Pally Rafa, she's a simple reliable Honda Accord---gas is good, has no problem parking anywhere and sometimes when I'm feeling like a renegade, I prop up a stuffed Mashimaro plushie in the back window to guard my hanging drycleaning.

Braids, well, of course she'd be a sleek black Caddy Hearse, fully equipped.

The sideplates would have "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE" and it'd have one of those BABYONBOARD warning signs just to be, you know, tasteful.

Wouldn't it be fun to drive a hearse to work or the supermarket? I'd pick up my Goddaughter from school. I'd have a blast, frontin' with my windows rolled down and blasting Hot Issue from my 4Minute girls.


You know why I hate yuppies?

It's because most wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the Day of the Dead. If it wasn't created by Apple as an app, mixed by FourBucks coffee, or marketed by PotteryBarn, they won't get it---to them it doesn't matter much.

Remembering and celebrating the Dead means you pay attention to history, know about your family lineage and have a knowledge and respect of the past.

Not that bitter Nostalgia type of respect where you refuse to change and move forward. The type where you keep where you came from close---always present in shaping and guiding you to where you're headed.

A lot of people don't have that and it makes me sad. For WoW, a lot of people playing classes lack that awe and appreciation of what and who came before them---which means when something pops up on a patchnote that upsets them, they are unequipped to handle it and react in all types of absurd manners on forums/blogs/etc..

They have no deep history, they don't know where they came from---they shout and grind their teeth about mindless, shallow trends that will change and swap as whims tend to do, never realizing that there is something deeper and more eternally satisfying to be grounded in.

I'll sum it up with this:

At 0:30 you can see the yuppie run away. At 1:28 you can see the yuppie offer material things that do not matter.

Do not concern yourself with things that do not matter.


HP said...

Hahah, that arena junkies thread is so funny! Thanks!

I'm still not so good at find stuff in arena junkies. It can be time consuming.

Bell said...

I would be like my old Nissan Quest.

Reliable for the most part, not the fastest on pick up or acceleration and doesn't always work right. ;P

River said...

I would just be a demolition derby type car. I just run in a explode stuff alot

Arioch said...

I was wondering where my old junior high clothes ended up. Apparently 4Minute found them.