Monday, November 30, 2009

Chess Pains

Hai gusy!

I hope everyone had vernice Thanksgiving. I flew home to Virginia to see my famiglia.

Speaking of famiglia, I remember this all-Italian wedding I went to. The groom's brother yelled my name out from the other side of the reception hall:

"Hey Jong! Come here boy. Joo want me to kiss you or shake yo hand? I can do bof."

The whole time I was home, I was either hungry or sleepy. My cousin thinks tryptophan in turkey meat makes him sleepy... no dumbass, you're sleepy because you ate four plates of turkey. You eat four plates of anything, you feel sleepy, kk?

I was touched by Megan's thanksgiving post, so I went up to my dad, forced myself onto his lap and asked him, DADDY, WHO DO YOU LOVE THE SECOND MOSTEST?

My favorite episode of Frasier is Chess Pains. Frasier could never beat his dad (Martin) in chess. Why can't I, an established doctor, beat an old man in the game of wits and strategy? Frasier cannot stand Martin's smack talk and becomes obsessed with the game to prove himself.

When Frasier finally wins, he jumps from the seat with excitement--Yes! I did it!

"Good match son." As Martin slowly walks off with the aid of his cane, Frasier is hit with unexplainable pain and sorrow.

My dad is 65-years-old and I still cannot beat him in arm wrestling. I hope that day never comes.


Topher said...

My dad still beats me in H.O.R.S.E every time we play in the driveway. I don't need to let him win either.

River said...

My dad is like Obi-Wan, His powers are getting weak...old man.

Lance said...

My dad is always right. I like him this way...

Arioch said...

Haven't tried in years, but I never beat my dad at chess.

Shamrockgirl said...

I miss my dad.
Glad to hear you had a good thanksgiving.

Ben said...

I'm 30 now and last time we did physical work together, I still couldn't keep up with him (chopping wood and stuff like that). I will be sad I think, the day I can outwork him :(