Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Best Play

"I'ma let you finish."


Sorry guys, this is going to be another throwaway post, my brain is fried.


I spent a lot of time with my Goddaughter---which means I got to learn about Drake and Josh's 2v2 Arena Rating, watch how Princess Tiana did the Argent Tournament daily totally wrong when she kissed a frog without the lipbalm item, and listen to the Silky sounds and spellthreads of Tailor Swift.

The last one actually, I don't mind---I'm ashamed yes, but I don't mind. SHE WEARS T10 SKIRTS, I WEAR RELENTLESS NITRO BOOSTS, SHE'S HEAL CAPTAIN AND IM CAPPIN FROSTWOLF.


Jong, come back quick..


The Best Play

//I'm Level 5, it's gettin cold, I've got
//my Gray Cloak on
//I hear your "lol" and look up smiling at you
//I Autorun
//past the Pumpkin Patch and the Fargo Deepened Mine
//I've got no Gold
//I hug your legs and fall asleep
//on the Griff home

//I don't know why all the Greens change into Bl~ues
//I know you're not scared, and I am just a Noo~b
//don't know if Hogger's Quest is near or far away
//but I know I had the best play with you

//I'm 80 now and don't know how this PUG
//could be so mean
//I Hearth home crying and you hold me tight
//and grab your Steed
//and we Mount and Ride until we found a Zone
//far enough away
//and we talk and Fish some Trout 'til I forgot
//all my shame

//I don't know who I'm gonna Raid with in I-C-C~
//but I know I'm laughing, on the Mount Run through Z-G~
//don't know how long it's gonna take to Gear ok
//but I know I had the best play with you

//I have an excellent Healer
//his Heals are making me stronger
//Threat smiles on my little Tanker
//Bosses and Adds he's better than I am
//I grew up in a pretty Server and I had space to run
//and I, had -
//the best play with you

//there is a video I found from back when
//Level 30
//you setup a Group Quest and we took a run
//to S. Monastery
//it's the age of Arcane Doan and Herod's Axe
//and Fear Ward for Dwarves
//Mograine says that Whitemane's the prettiest lady in
//the whole wide world

//now I know why all the Blues change to Ep~ics
//I know you were on my side, even when I G Q~uit
//and I love you for listen' to my cries
//stand back and watch me rise and
//I didn't know if you knew
//so I'm taking this chance to say
//that I had the best play with you

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Antigen said...

I definitely loaded up the song and sang along with your lyrics. Taylor Swift + WoW...

Like two delicious things that someone had the clairvoyance to put together and their creation ended up tasting great.