Thursday, October 22, 2009

World PvP and Arcane Mages

This started out as a comment to this post, but it got too long.

A buddy of mine plays on a PvP server. He would tell me storeis of world pvp that sweep back and forth between South Shore and Tarren Mill. There are hundreds covering the field and sometimes the zone will be locked-down for the whole weekend.

I only play on PvE servers and I had nothing to top his stories: "Uh...well, I finally got the Delicious Chocolate Cake reciepe!"

If I were to tell a pvp story, it'd be that one time from TBC.

It took place at the secluded Black Temple summoning stone.

The top Horde progression guild runs into its Alliance counterpart.

Tension builds as both sides are awaiting the arrival of the last few raiders.

Then there it was...

It was awesome, because it had all the ingredients of the most epic world pvp encounter:

1) Faction Pride!

2) Faction Pride + Guild Pride! The finest of the Horde vs. la creme de la creme of the Allinance.

3) Bunch of confused carebears wearing 100% PvE gears and having no clue how to PvP.

After Ari said "I'm going to have to put together an incanter's absorption spec," I had to google Incanter's Absorption, because I thought it was some nerdy cultural reference that went over my head.

Let me tell you, right now, the Arcane Mages are on Fire (<== Look! Look! I made a funny!). Holy jeebus they are wrecking faces. How's about 13k on twins hard mode, hmmmm?

I love when they go boom chicka boom and split into five. Then they go boom shaka laka shaka laka....

Oh, and get this. Last night, the Ballin' Mage housed me on Jaraxxus. You know, the fight with BUNCH of DEMONS running around? It's supposed to be my house.

So, I send him a quick tell.

Me: dubya tee eff? how are you outdpsing me on this fight?

Ballin' Mage: huh? oh, I can spell steal his stuff. it increase my damage a lot.


The Ballin' Mage is a really humble and nice guy too. After he made me look bad, he volunteered to sit out for another guildie who wanted drops from the last boss.

Ballin' Mage: I need to go find page 27 of Green Hills of Stranglethorn anyways. GL guys :D


WTF said...

That buff he is steal is pure win. With my crappy arcane mage I was rocking 7k.

"7k? that kinda sucks though, amirite?"

Well, if you would to have saw my hardcore item level 200-213 gear... would be semi impressed if you didn't know about the mage spell steal buff.

Fricassee said...

3.2.2 Arcane changes pretty much brought me back into the game. IA is ridiculous, especially on the twins fight.

You would do 13k too if you had 3500 spellpower the entire fight.

River said...

After all the years of being a mage, this is the happiest I've been with the class. Devs showing us alot of love right now.

Just gotta figure out when the nerf axe is coming.

Darksaturn7 said...

The irony is my CL Bzzt was like 'pzzt Hota! I know you love having 3 pts into student of the mind for them crits but....incanters? For meee? <3'. I'm like 'Fine....ugh.' Lets just say he's right. As always XD

PS Bzzt is that 'Ballin' Mage'. Humble and always willing to help out people.

Arioch said...

That picture captures it perfectly.

All is quiet... nothing is moving... BAM! Chaos!