Friday, October 23, 2009

What They Can't Take Away

"I'll look this way, you look the other way---that way we can see everything else but ourselves."


Hey guys, look at this.

Now that you've adjusted your monitor color like I have, that's called the Triple Threat from Newb Balance---they call it that because there are only 2 ways to fuck up a shoe design and they've managed to find 3.

It looks like what happens when an old pair of tiedye Converse gets really wasted and throws up on a pair of Keds.

Remember Keds? The sneaker you could just pop in the washer! Great idea guys, I've been walking on grass and dirt all day---lemme throw that shit in with my laceandsatin delicates, it'll be awesome. Look, if you wanted footprints on your ass, you coulda just came to me.


Triple Threat is a commonly used term to describe when someone fields multiple talents---often used for actors and athletes.

Dreamy Richard Gere? He can play the piano and sing/dance.

Quarterback Doug Flutie? He can pass, kick and run.


Are you really good at your class? Really? Like rlyrly? Just PVE? Just PVP? Just one spec? Just one role? Zz.

My twink Mage Ukyo (who's been on boring flowerpicking duty ever since they killed noXP queues) wasn't the original Mage I rolled. It was during Vanilla WoW and the Mage only made it to the mid LVL20's before I deleted it (I forget the name.. let's pretend it was a Gnome named Foamaggedon).

I wanted to learn how to kill a Mage. I memorized the cooldowns and the DRs of their control spells. I learned how to strafe kite with Cone of Cold and rank1 Frostbolt (back then downranking just for the faster cast time and cheap mana cost). I then logged back on my Rogue and started you know, killing Mages with extreme precision. Hell, I only rolled a Rogue because Braids was having a bitch of a time against them.

The game has been out for quite some time, and the mark of a good player will always be well grounded by the desire and discipline to learn. The thirst to constantly learn, to never settle with what you've already notched into your belt, the drive to master and add new tricks to your repertoire.

I'm stressing this because there might be a day where no one will play WoW and we'll all be blogging about some other game, or some other aspect of life even. What do you carry over then? Your gearscore? Your rotation? Nope, it's how you process and learn things that will be carried over.

A server can be shut down but they can't take that away from you. A patch can kill a spec but they can't take that away from you.

So I'll ask once more---are you like rlyrly good at your class? That's sweet. There's 2 other specs, and 9 other classes. There's PVE, PVP, Arena, AH, farming, RPing. Don't lie to yourself thinking you're done, you've beat the game---no one beats the game. The game beats you though if you've fallen into the trap of contentment and your thirst to learn is numbed.

Do yourself a favor, go learn something.


Firespirit said...

Woo! I'm a triple threat!

Ret is my best, I know holy, and I farm the AH!

Anyway, love the post, loved you over at OOM before you killed it (I started reading about a month before that), loving it here.

Anyway, the shoe. Perfect anology for Pally tier 10. They f***** that s*** right up.

Figworth said...

Personally, I've only been able to stick to things I enjoy. While playing the AH was interesting, it got old, fast.

I do, however, pride myself that I can play all 3 warlock specs in PvE, two in PvP, and Tank or dps well as a DK. Learning class mechanics and figuring out how to do better is one of the things I enjoy most about the game.

I totally want those shoes.

River said...

I'm no one trick pony. I suck at everything.

Nibuca said...

Hmmm.. can I translate...
"The game's not boring you are.. L2Play"

Good message. Off to level my lowbie druid. You know.. Cat is for fite.

Antigen said...

I think the introduction of Dual Spec encouraged players to expand their horizons, making it easier to learn another spec and/or playstyle. I know that I picked up tanking because my server (and group of friends) had a horrid lack of good tanks for heroic farming. Sure, I wasn't very good at first, but over time I learned about things like aggro and ridiculous feral druids that don't know what Cower is...

Consistently pushing yourself to learn more, whether it be about the game, about the mechanics, about other specs, other classes; that's a skill that doesn't apply to just WoW.

To avoid a wall of text-y, 100+ page thesis on the subject:

"The mark of a good [human being] will always be well grounded by the desire and discipline to learn."


Ixobelle said...


square root.

you will learn something new today.

Kimberly said...

My Akromah is a pretty good healer. Which is why I keep myself humble by trying to tank with her. I suck at it, but I keep trying. My goal for her is to be able to tank heroics. That's it. If I can do that I'll stop whining about the 1000g I spent to NOT tank.

What's my main Again? said...

That is what I love about WoW and have been working on since I got bored of being a feral tank during BC. I'm sitting on 7 80's, a 79 warlock and 76 druid and only my 80 hunter atm isn't dual speced.

Mostly some form of PvE spec and PvP spec... though my shaman is dual pvp specced. I spent the better part of WotLK doing strictly PvE, but now I've gotten heavily into PvP the only problem is I don't know who I want to focus on!