Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remember Me?

"Because apparently, inside everyone is a Blood Elf with Chanel Aviators just dying to get out."


Remember me?

If you don't, that's cool. Thorim remembers.

When Jong asked me if I was still interested in guest blogging once in awhile, he said, "Megs, I have 3 simple rules for you to follow."

Let's check them out:

1) This is FORBEARANCE, not outofmana (he really used all caps for his blog title and lowercase for mine, an obvious powerplay), which means no posting stupid songs or loudyoutubevideos that might get my readers fired.

2) You must start all of your posts with a banner/header of some sort to signify that it's you, not the illestretpally alive (upon saying "illestretpally" he did a Divine Storm IRL and almost knocked over a pregnant woman) that is posting to avoid any confusion.

The banner must be followed by some insightful virtuous saying or teaching, because here at FORBEARANCE (he did it again) we try to instill wisdom and lifelessons to our readers instead of that debaucheryandwhoring style of blogging that you sinfully are used to (no Jong, tell me how you really feel, don't hold back).

3) Never make fun of me.


So, now that I've broken all 3 rules in the matter of minutes, I'd just like to say hihi to Jong's readership base.

What to expect from my guest posts? Nothing much---my time is limited still (which is why I quit blogging in the first place) so I'm planning 2 random posts per week.

2 is a solid figure in planning. Usually you plan to have only 2 drinks, plan to only drink 2x a week, plan to only sleep with 2 strangers at one time (waitwut)---and we all know how those plans tend to work out.

2 in planning is usually like 3 in rules, BAHROKEN.


Grimmtooth said...


Nice guest Deejay, Jong!

Mister K said...

Megs!! Keep breakin the rulz!!

Arioch said...

Rules are made to be broken. Matter of fact, Jong should make more rules for you to break.

Darraxus said...

Howdy there Megs!

Hana said...

Hi Megan! :D And I think that making fun of Jong should be allowed.

gnomeaggedon said...


Ohhh Megan, I will be one of your 2x drinks any day...

Damn you two... you just knocked Matticus off my front page feed... there will only be two, someone had to go and it wasn't going to be Larisa...

River said...

First off, people plan drinks? I just walk into a bar and scream, " I ain't leavin, until I'm heavin!"

Second off, I'm glad your guest blogging Megs. I loved your blog. Was even thinking of getting a shirt, until I found out there was no fat man shirts. Yeah theres more of me to love ladies.

Last but not least....well really thats it. I covered women and booze. I'm good.

Vulpina said...

<3 River

And <3 Megs too.

Anonymous said...


me happy

now, pix of nipples-through-plate in 100 club plox

you thought we forgot? :P

Anonymous said...

divine storming in RL can cause mega issues... i keep knockin over displays in supermarkets jus cause they have my favourite chocolate on special offer!

Ripper said...

Love it!

Averna said...


Bell said...

I have missed you.

Talk to me more.

Pixelated Executioner said...

Welcome back, Megan. Good to see you on the blogs again!

Hydra said...


I didn't know you were out there. Welcome back even if it is only occasionally and/or temporary.