Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poker Faces and Lying Games



When Jong told me that he factionchanged his superpopstar Pally from Blood Elf to Human, my panties dried up and a little of me died inside.

Don't get me wrong, Alliance is cool---and I'm Alliance as it comes, not one of those apologetic Alliance. To put another way:

I'm Alliance when things are going perfect, when we're winning the BG, Mage tables give nothing but candyandicecream, and every chest opens up revealing giftcertificates to Coach and Sephora.

I'm also Alliance when things suck, when we're losing the BG, when this Healthstone just fucked my calorie intake for the day, and everyone is blaming it on 12yr olds ruining the faction.

First of all, I never understood bashing 12yr olds with anything to do about winning/losing. 12yr olds don't make your faction lose, losers do. And unfortunately for the human race, losers can be any age.

This girl Momoka is a winner---she was 10 when she danced along to one of my fav Korean popsongs, 10! She's apparently 11 now and a synchroswimmer---and let me tell you when she hits 12, I'm going to send her an invite and we'll assault Blacksmith together through the waterside while the losers are still fighting on the bridge.

She's Asian, which probably means I'll have about 1 year of her on my Arena team before she has to quit and go fulltime into medicalschool because her parents may turn out to be ACHIEVMENTWHORES.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that she's an underage Asian girl in shorts, so if you're at work and someone catches you watching it, hope you either mumummummah p-p-p-pokerface like a pro or been sleeping with someone in the HR department.

You go girl.

Secondly, most factionchanges are spurred on by the "me vs them" impulse. And I don't mean Alliance versus Horde, but Alliance versus Alliance and Horde versus Horde.

Ever catch yourself (or hear someone else) saying, "well, the Alliance on this server suck" or "the Horde in this cluster can't win a single EOTS". This is a lying game.

If you're Alliance and you said the former, you are lying to yourself and trying to separate yourself from the Alliance---there's the "me" Alliance (notsuck) and the "them" Alliance (suck).

If you're Horde and you said the latter, you are lying to yourself and trying to separate yourself from the Horde---there's the "me" Horde (the one that can win EOTS) and the "them" Horde (always lose EOTS).

Well dear, that's a nice try, but you can't separate from your faction (well you can with $, but you just get thrown into the other faction). If your faction sucks on a particular server/cluster/whatever, it's probably because of you (don't I sugarcoat things so well).

Huh, me?
Yes, you.

No one likes to say something like the following:

"Hey, this shit is probably my fault---this faction sucks because I suck as a member of it. I have a shitty attitude, am terrible at learning mechanics and tactics, and don't have a spine. I have pride but it's not the sort of pride that raises the faction up when I win because I'll take credit for the win for my ego. When I lose, the faction can take the fall, it's all 12yr olds anyway."

Hardly anyone easily (and freely) says that sort of thing, it's the type of revelation that has to be surgically operated on by your peers, by strangers, by enemies (or maybe by Momoka MD in the future if she's not in the pool).

And because you don't like admitting it, it's easy to see how there are so many other people doing the exact same thing---every single person trying to separate "me versus them", playing their own little lying game where you fall into their own "them" category. That makes for a shitty faction, made loosely up of a lot of people under 1 banner with no integrity, character or comradeship to support it up.


What's worse is that it's not just a faction exclusive thing, it happens in every aspect of WoW and of life.

This PUG raid is fail!---well, if you're in it then you fail too, you're not treated separately when it's only convenient for your ego. And while the pug might fail once in getting the raid content, you failed twice, 1) for failing raid content and 2) failing yourself because you're still playing the lying game.

This country is fail!---and so on, you get the idea.


Bell said...

Psychology teaches that people assign the blame for bad things in two ways:

If it is about them, it is due to extrinsic forces. It was a bad time, I had lag, glitch in the game, etc.

If it is about someone else, it's intrinsic forces. They're bad, they're terrible, they're a scrub, they have no skills.

Psychology backs you up!


gnomeaggedon said...

My world is full of fail...

Your world is just pure awesomesauce win!

Can I come to your world and even it out?

Kinzlayer said...

LOL, I seriously thought Jong had more then just a Faction change... until I went to the post on the 7th. <3 Meg and welcome back of a sort.

Faction change for me wasn't about alliance being better then horde or horde being better then alliance; I was sicked of pugging on FAIL'GALL (Cho'gall - the city of ninjas) and since my buddies aren't playing as much I moved to a server where there are more ppl I knew and they just happen to be gnome-loving, cat kissing, space-goats hugging alliance.

BUT in the end it was never me that fail, it was all the dumb horde that can't follow my instructions. (or not)

Sprink said...

"When Jong told me that he factionchanged his superpopstar Pally from Blood Elf to Human, my panties dried up and a little of me died inside."

The cry of despair given up by all the Blood Elf women (and a few men) was heard round the world. It was louder than the destruction and rebirth of the Sunwell, the sounds of lowbies being ganked in Tarren Mill/Southshore, and Tirralyis' gummi worm-coloured prot set combined.

River said...

Can I ride on a disco stick? LOL!

I beat myself up so much, I wake up with black eyes.

I am always analyzing my performance, and seeing what I can do different.

First question I ask when I wipe. What happened?

Second Question..How can I do better?

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