Sunday, October 18, 2009

I like Vigilance

Hai gusy!

Thanks to Ixobelle's leet html skills, I now have Posted by signature up top instead of down bottom. I like it. Isn't it such a subtle and elegant improvement to the page? I got the upgrade on Friday, but I haven't said anything, because I wanted to give you an opportunity to notice the change and compliment me on it.... It's now Sunday, and I can't believe none of you even care.

When you're wearing new perfume, I'll notice it and go, amg, is that Platinum Egoiste? Yes, I will. You know why? Because I care.

I really like my new guild. There are several reasons, but I'll just tell you one thing. Hold on to your seats 'cause you're gonna cream your pants... Ready?

They always start the raid on time.

Yep yep. Not 7:15, not 7:05, not 7:01. They go at 7:00 PM zee dot. Plus, they have tabard and guild bank. Working on vent. Hoping to raid end game contents soon.

Oh, you know what's really interesting? They cleared everything in wotlk with warrior tanks. Both the MT and the primary OT are warriors. Cat druid goes bear on 3-tank fights.

Bring the player not the class!

The other day, one of the tanks put Vigilance on me and I almost cried. Vigilance goes pe-kiiiiiing and I love that sound. It's the sound of ultimate respect.

Warrior Tank: Hey Jong, your dps is so uber leet, I'd like some of that threat transferred to me.

Jong: Shaddup... just had me at pe-kiiiing. You had me at pe-kiiiiing.

...and then he took it away next fight and gave it to another ret pally. Stop playing games with my heart.

Check out the top dps on hodir fast kill.

Twenty five thousand. Them mages are dishing out insane dps and I LOVE IT. You know why? Because they're on my team. If they're powerful, they help me win. When I blow past everybody on jaraxxus, they whisper me, hey nice deeps buddy. They're happy. You know why? Because, when I own, I help them win. PvE'ers who call for nerf to other classes seriously boggle my mind... fucking hybrids! nerf them! .... Hey dummy, we're on the same team, remember?
This is an old screen shot of my signature battle cry:
I thought this was hilarious: Hooray! Good job guys! Just hold on for another 10 seconds! 10.... 9.... 8... pewwwwwwwww KABOOM.
Seriously blizzard, take away the unsportmanlike conduct pussy pally bubble.

This one, I think we were talking about add-ons:


Syrana said...

Well, it is VERY important to know when exactly you can build another cozy fire... especially if you want to push a hottie into the lake and then offer up YOUR fire for them to dry off by.

Arioch said...

That's it. I'm going to have to put together an incanter's absorption spec. >.<

Campfire has a cooldown? I just wait for someone else to drop one in the bank to cook my rhino dogs for the daily.

And I'm jealous of your raid start times. I bet you have all 25 people show up, too.

Bell said...

People used to parachute into WG to blow up the gate from the inside.

I think that bubbled engineer paladin deserved that win.

Lance said...

Campfire has a cooldown? oO
How on earth would someone find campfire has a cooldown if not by mistake...

Darraxus said...

I made a vigilance macro on my warrior. It makes me yell "You are under my protection citizen". Then it emote points at the person I put vigilance on.

River said...

Spoiled youngsters and their vigilance, in my day you had to wait 5 sunders...we liked it, we loved it.

As for the mages, what crack rock are they smoking cause I want some.