Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did toc raid bug out for anyone else yesterday?

I wish there was a place I can fish near the tournament grounds so I'd have something to do while I wait for raid formation.

I flew down to Sindragosa's Fall and busted open one of them frozen lakes.

A group of nearby Wyrm Reanimators protested:

"Execuse me sir, you can't just..."

"Hey, why don't you look over there before I bust your head open?"

I had been fishing for about 15 minutes when two agents from The Icecrown Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived. I was cited for Fishing without License, Possession of Undersized Dragonfins, and Encroaching on Frostbrood Spawn Habitat.

I remember the story of boars my grandma told me long time ago. Boars have extreme tunnel vision. Once they zone in on the kill target, they're going after it. If a hungry boar smells out a mole under ground, he'll start digging until either he finds the mole or passes out of exhaustion. A plump, succulent deer could walk right by this determined boar; the boar will ignore the deer and keep digging for the original kill target.

Lesson learned: Don't be breaking the ice for undersized bass and getting citations from the local authorities. There's a ocean full of deer right over the cliff.


I wish they had a place to repair stuff. How am I supposed to repair if there were no engineers in my raid?

EDIT: "There's a goblin outside by a mini forge who will repair you so long as the floor still exists in ToC."

Why didn't somebody tell me about this goblin?


The value of engineering.

Hoff is an engineer and so if Rafa. They both pwn faces, so I can't talk smack about engineering. "Best" and "worst" are qualitative terms, so I won't use them to describe engineering.

What I can tell you with certainty is that for raiding ret pallies, engineering perks render the lowest DPS output among all crafting profession perks. Don't argue with me here. Just go with me.

After we rolled the Northrend Beasts, I was getting really fired up.

"Comon' down Jaraxxus. You are the next contestant on I will Scuff You Up."

My nipples were tingling with insatiable fury and my inner pitbulls were flippin out rawr rawr rawr.... then we get this.

"AW COME ON! Dude, I just saw him outside continuing his endeavor to become a household word used to scare children into bed!"

"Calm down sir. Put your shirt back on. I don't know what to tell you, okay? Just put in a GM ticket."

The raid disbanded and everyone hearthed out.

Once again, I was left alone in the room with a major hard-on. It's not a feeling I'm not entirely unfaimiliar with, but still.


Rhidach said...

I love dropping Jeeves in Anub's pit. Gives me SOME kind of raid use for my most useless profession.

Bell said...

1) Fish down at the ocean
2) There's a goblin outside by a mini forge who will repair you so long as the floor still exists in ToC (otherwise you can't reach him).
3) That happened to my raid, and we simply all zoned out and waited the half hour for a soft reset, and we could summon the next boss.


Bell said...


@Rhidach - Engineering is FAR from useless. Spellpower to cloak, crit and speed boost to boots, rocket gloves, haste trinket gloves, armored gloves, bomb belt...

It's one of the best professions, you just have to use it well!

River said...

Fricking LOCKS!

Rhidach said...


Apparently, after years of abuse I'm finding hard to get over my engineering-induced feelings of inadequacy.