Monday, October 26, 2009

Break the Ice

"Unless it's jewelery, I don't want it."


I hate Hunter frosttraps.

Not because they can make you a sitting duck in a specific chokepoint in PVP, but because they don't let me drink as much Jack as I want to during Anub10 attempts. Anub10 makes me add ice to my glass, watering it down so I don't getouttacontrol.

Last night we were working on that terrible A Tribute to Repairbills achievement. 40 attempts left, lookin' good! OHNOES RAFA, spikes are chasing you!

No worries, I'll just kite around this patch of ice to eat up some time, and then at the la---what do you mean it's just a Hunter trap? 39 attempts.

So Blizz, please make Anub's icepatches look like giant SUV's from now on to avoid this confusion (and support my drinkinghabit), like so:

I had a flashback to Sapph25 in Naxx, where a a random totem ate up one of the three iceblocks that are supposed to form during airphase. A Mage in the middle of nowhere decided to Ice Block. I was also in the middle of nowhere and thought I was safe behind the Mage.

I should have relied on my training and instinct, no one is safe behind a Mage.


I've been trying to find ways to restore Jong to his former Blood Elf glory.

I suggested that he hosts a LVL1 Blood Elf Halloween bash sometime this coming weekend for his readers/fellow bloggers.

Everyone logs in with mysterious masked names like Hairioch and Belfwether and plays guessing games---once he sees everyone lookin' so F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S, he'll have a breakdown.

It'd be one of those ingame cutscene breakdowns, like you know where Arthas stabs the icyground with Frostedtipsmourne and ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAR.

Jong breaks out all glowyandshampooed into the air with his signature Pally Wings and Magichands---miraculously impregnating every single female character that happens to be nearby doing Argent Tourney dailies (unless their bags were full).

If that's a nogo, I'll have to resort to good ol' science and technology.

Braids and Rafa have been excellent guineapigs so far, but the experiments have only gone so far.

I can get Night Elf results, but not Blood Elf quite yet---it probably just requires less ice added. I'll figure it out and keep you guys updated.


Vulpina said...

I would DEFINITELY roll a level 1 belf and attend that.

Alex said...

If anyone wants to know how to change your character model like that. Its located in this youtube video:

Its client only so dont expect someone else to see you as a nelf or belf.

River said...

A BElf event would be cool. LETS DO THIS!!

Arioch said...

Just need server and time.

gnomeaggedon said...

GnomeaBelfdon, Belfaggedon, Jongaggedon, GnomeaJongdon...

So many names, only one account.

What was that time and place?

Maybe we should have a surprise party for him. Make a 40 Belf raid and storm Stormwind while he's sipping Martinis with all the Gnome babes...

PS: you are correct, never stand behind a Mage, if we don't confuse you with our Ice block, we will pull aggro and go invisible leaving only you...

Bell said...

ahhhhhhhhh belfwether nuuuuuuuu