Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Box 'n Matches

"Aw c'mon, we get to put on Blood Elf masks and eat candy---what could happen?"


Are you guys enjoying Hallow's End or whatever it's called? I'm not.

2 reasons.

One, having already finished all that achievementtitle bullshit, I now get to watch the masses lag up my Dalaran so bad with all the skellies, ghosts, lepers, wand selling and other nonsense. This wasn't so bad last year you know like in Shatt, a real city.

Dalaran is a crampedcubicle compared to Shatt. Do you guys throw wild Halloween parties in your cubicle? The Kirin (Wh)or should be ashamed of themselves---it took them 2 expansions to rebuild and raise Dalaran and what kind of realestate do they have to show for it.

A fucking box with some portals and a flightpoint.


Two, I feel bad for all cityvendors. Especially this guy:

Of course if you give out free candy by the bucket loads, things that are good for you take the backseat.

Braids and Rafa managed to walk by Applebough (with their whopping 3FPS) and he really shocked them. He had a matchbook in one hand, a look of desperation in his roots, and was mumbling to himself something incoherent.

Rafa tried to calm him down saying something like "it'll get better, have faith" and "Pilgrim's Week and Winter Veil will come soon, apple pie and cider will bring it back."

Braids was a little less patient---she said something like "you're fucked, kill yourself you sappy emotree" and "do it already so I can light my cigarette from your cinders."

The two ended up bickering and fighting.. and er, somehow in the scuffle the matchbook was immolated on fire, knocked out of Applebough's hand, landed on a nearby decorative pumpkin (setting it ablaze), which then was somehow kicked into several Wolvar children who shrieked and ran into the Alliance inn (tails on fire), crashing right into the bourbon and whiskey reserves on the nearend of the bar causing a minor explosion.

It took the full squad of the Kirin Tor firedepartment 2 hours (equipped with 11 Water Elementals) to control the fire. Tons of people were weeping for the injured. Braids wept for the alcohol that had been wasted.

Braids and Rafa aren't allowed to trick or treat in Dalaran ever again.


Grimmtooth said...

I never 'got' emotree.... I mean, he's a TREE ... selling ... his KIDS? For others to EAT?

I'm surprised it took him this long to snap.

I just avoid Applebough. The Underbelly is a lot less ... dramatic.

River said...

Applebough is the bomb, always buys my junk after I port to Lagaran.

Almaster said...

LOL River, thats exactly what he does to me too.

wait that sounded gay, didnt it?

River said...

It's not gay, the guy is a tree...wierd maybe, but not gay. Though he is a guy tree, and if your a guy, I might be bicurious or something. I would need an official Jong ruling on this.

Arioch said...

And that's why it's just better to visit the pastry vendor, Aimee.

River said...

Aimee? Let me tell you about Aimee, I stood there talking to her, and she just ignored me.