Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi. I hate maintenance days. I'm gonna go fix me some ramen.

The guild I'm applying to has a pretty rigorous recruitment process:

1) written application
2) vent interview
3) 2 test raids
4) 3-week trial membership

I'm in the final phase. I think I'm gonna make it. These guys are great. Last week, I participated in their fist fire fighter kill. I love that fight. It's like Razhel beatbox break down. The beat, base, chorus, fire, mines, and shock blast all at the same time. The whole fight, I was telling myself, I am a butterfly. Yes, I am, because butterflies never die to shock blast.

I'm slowly getting acclimated to the alliance cultures. You know what sucks? Heroism sucks. The first time I heard it, I couldn't even hear it.

Hero in five!
3...2...1..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Are you shittin me? What the belf pally vidal sassoon shampoo commercial anticlimactic bullshit is ahhh?

I'm not a machine. I'm an emotional being, so you've got to inspire me. Blood Lust goes GOO AH LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR. We be flippin OUT, yo. It's GO time. Blow your cool downs and feel the power of Ninja Turtle base. go ninja go ninja go.

In other news, my orc warrior became a dwarf warrior. and he's northrend status. I love this guy. The thing is, when I'm on pally, I can't charge. When I'm on warrior, I can't heal myself.


Bell said...

Hahaha...yet, being Alliance, I can never imagine "GOO AH LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR" being inspiring at all. You just sound like you're mangling some sort of battle shout.

But I'm a tree most of the time, anyway. The few times I have gotten to DPS on Bellbell, my response to Heroism is always "!@#$%^ MY WINGS ARE ON COOLDOWN"

firespirit said...

Its funny because for the longest time I never had a shammy in my raid group, and I didnt know what heroism was.

So when I heard the cheers (which is what I think you are trying to say when you "ahhhhhh"), I loled in real life.

On a more serious note, if you listen very closely, more than the cheers, you hear what sounds like a hammer hitting the anvil. That's my cue to hit my wings/trinket.

Darraxus said...

I didnt know that Bloodlust had a different sound than Heroism. I only have Alliance toons at high level.

Arioch said...

Hero in five!
3...2...1..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


Bloodlust is where it's at.

Do the Alliance get pink glowing jazz hands instead of red?

Bell said...

@arioch - giant glowing hammers above our heads

Check it out:

Arioch said...

@ Bell

Sprink said...

I will never understand Alliance culture. When I do play on my low level recon characters, I'm always raising an eyebrow at things like guild chat, trade chat, and the severe lack of Chuck Norris in general chat. ^_^

Joe said...

Heroism (or Bloodlust) for a pure healer is completely different.

Cast faster!

Which dork DPS needs Salvation?!

River said...

As I played both sides alot..since I've played this game for many...many years. Damn I feel old now. There are slight differences in culture.

I got to say being Alliance now it's alot different. I remember on Horde side it was like logging into Cheers the bar. Everyone knew my name.

Now, I'm just another shlup mage.

Bell said...

@arioch - Alliance is so badass they can turn *sparkles* into a weapon of mass destruction.

I mean, why do you think the Horde got Blood Elves?

They needed the sparkles.

Sarah said...

Omg, I rofl'd IRL when I read your description of Alliance Heroism. I feel the exact same way after re-rolling alliance. Half the time I didn't even know that it was active because I didn't associate the "clank" sound and never heard the "ahhhhh!". Plus I would ask "Can someone hit Bloodlust?" To which I would get some funny splutterings until I remembered that the Allies call it Heroism. Then I would get told it was already hit :(

I had to tell my boyfriend to hit it in Dalaran once just do I could hear what it really sounded like.

"GOO AH LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR LAR" should be the default sound. I wish there was an addon that would allow me to change the Heroism sound the the Bloodlust one :(

Bloodlust is all about going batshit crazy and chewing someones face off while simultaneously beating them to death with their own arms and making out with thier girlfriend.

Heroism is like....um...."GooooooOOOooo, US!"

Dallanna said...

Sorry, Sarah, but the "*CLANG* RAAAAAAA!" of Heroism is 'Fist in the air rally call to victory'!

And that's what the Alliance is about: Heroism!


Sarah said...

Dallana you're cute <3

But horde had it first, and it is Bloodlust ;)