Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gevlon's meme: are you taking the first steps into your success story?

Are you making the first steps into your success story, or waiting for some "freindly heplfull ppl" to do it for you?

Hi Gevlon!

Here are my success stories: I make way more money than you do (just in case you feel inspired to stomp me with your gold cap screen shot, I'm referring to the real life dollars). I don't even know how much money you make, and I'm still certain I make obnoxiously more than you do. That's how much money I make.

I can bench press 315 pounds and whoop your ass... unless you're a 6'4" 270 pound black guy... in which case I'm terribly sorry.

After hearing me talk about myself, do you feel inspired, enlighted, or otherwise feel the urge to kneel down with open arms to bask in my glorious glory? I'm guessing no. I bet you don't even care.

I feel the same way about most of your success stories. My favorite is how your imaginary girlfriend solo-tanked Gruul in fury spec. She was so leet, she didn't even click on spells. She just typed the commands out on keyboard with her elongated nipples...... /-d-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-e [enter]

That bullshit story proved nothing more than:

1) Your imaginary girlfriend is in fact imaginary.

2) Tanking isn't your element.

I didn't feel inspired or enlightened at all.

Some of your stories are wildly entertaining though. Your epic saga from pugging naxx to finding your way into a prominent guild as the effective guild Treasurer... omg I followed that story like I followed Gillmore Girls Season 3... Gosh, why won't Lorelai just admit her feelings?

I don't know why Larisa is so nice to Gevlon. I think it's because she's a good person and she tries to bring out the best in everyone. Larisa is nice to Gevlon the way Elizabeth is nice to Corky in Life Goes On. "No, Gevlon. You're wearing two left shoes again.... there, good job!"


Ixobelle said...

search my blog for the word "dickbaggery".

: /

Larísa said...

Well... I guess I tend to focus on the gold nuggets I see in other people. I want to find it, bring it out to light, let it shine and then I often ignore the not so awesome sides, filtering it away.

I think you make the world a little bit better that way, in the long run. It's may philosophy when it comes to management and to dealing with the world overall.

Ironically enough this view isn't entirely shared by Gevlon, one of the targets for my puppy-like enthusiasm. He often dismisses less-than-perfect people as M&S, rather than seeing the efforts they actually make.

But don't forget that it's also much about rhetoric and entertainment. He brings things to it's edge. I'm not entirely sure he means everything he says, literally.

I like writers who dare to paint in strong colors. Like you. Like Ixo. Like Gevlon.

Grimmtooth said...

"Zaphod's just this guy, you know?"

Syrana said...


I can see what Larisa is saying in her above comment. Sometimes people just play the bad guy... but even if that is the case, I am not a fan of his goblin persona.

Perhaps because I don't find his negativity and the way he talks down at/about other players to be funny or entertaining.

Now Jong and Ixo... they are entertaining to me.

gnomeaggedon said...


I kinda think even my epeen posts are really /fail posts...

I like posting about my fail because it serves 2 purposes.
1) gets it off my chest.
2) provides lessons for others
3) gives others a chance to laugh at someone's stupidity (other than their own).

The only time an epeen post is of value is if it is instructional... I epeen and you can too by x,y,z.

Ahh whatever...

I'm a great believer that no one wants to see your happy holiday slideshow... however, if you have shots of your family being thrown from the Titanic... then everyone will want a look (and laugh)

ByStander said...

ROFL Awesome Jong
Your Words about the little Gnome is so ture , I went and read his story first then I read yours... it was so IN YOU FACE little man, pretty funny keep it up , don't every chage :D

Stoico said...

Whats there to say ?

You just earned the achivement "legendary blog writing".

You are my hero.

Elleiras said...

I either love you for this post, or hate you for compelling me to click over to Gevlon's blog. I hate giving that little sociopath hits. >.<

Shy said...

Even negative attention is attention..

I actually like how he writes. It shows me often how not to act in the real world.

Also, it gives great food for thought, no matter how often I think he's wrong.

At least he does think about things, and I have to admire that. Compared to a lot of people who you ask a question and they give you this blank face...'uhm, never really thought about that'.

Alfonsius said...

Hi Jong,

I agree with Laríssa on the gold nuggets.

What blogs are about are personal stuff, and opinions. There is a saying (as at least in German) which is kind of "Opinions are like ass holes. Just everybody has one."

We don't need to agree with anybodys others opinion. And if Gevlons opinion is that he does not agree with Ixos (whoever this is :-) )opionion, your oppinion might be totally different. (What an opinion mess here ô.O)
Anyway, I read those blogs for entertainement, I like your success stories (Mariah Cray inc.), your fail stories (burger girl) and I don't give a f**k for your DPS stories.
I like Gevlons stories, he widened my view on trading in WoW, he made me understand that I do not need to have a bad conscious when buying a jewelcrafting pattern for 20g bid, and reselling it for 1k, and I don't give a f**k for his opinions on most real life stuff, because his difers from mine too often.

Anyway, i don't get what this beef is all about.

Grimmtooth said...

@Shy - or in other words, "No such thing as a bad page hit"?

Hatch said...

Gevlon should just never ever talk about RL

David said...

This blog post gets a thumbs up from me.

highlatencylife said...

The first decent looking girl, that can type devastate with her nipples. I'm so marrying her.

Arioch said...

Grimtooth's first comment won this comment string.

spinksville said...

If I could use devastate in Fury spec, I too would conquer the world ... with my nipples!

thedoctor said...

<3 Jong


holydiscipline said...

I know I'm late to the party, but Elliras said it first: "I either love you for this post, or hate you for compelling me to click over to Gevlon's blog. I hate giving that little sociopath hits. >.<"

And I think you're right about Larisa - I don't know HOW she's so nice to him, but it can only be because she's so gosh darn nice.

Anonymous said...

/gain 1 more reader.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't know what the big deal is. Gevlon is a character, no doubt about it, but just accept him as a poster-boy for a radical way of thinking and don't stress. Take bits and pieces of his mentality and use them to strengthen your own beliefs. To be honest, in my opinion, nothing in ANY of his blog entries comes off as douchy as your claims in this post. It sounds like you're jealous of him, which I don't understand for two reasons: first off, he doesn't really claim to be able to do anything spectacular; and secondly, you seem to be doing alright for yourself, so why would you even draw the comparison?

Basically, I'm not sure why you're all fired up here, and the way you chose to 'defend' yourself makes you look worse than whatever you were called to begin with.

In my opinion, of course.

ByStander said...

hey Awesome Jong
do you know that when you google "awesome Jong" this blog actually comes in sixth, hope once you master your promotional required skill you'd able to write again!!!

Fish said...

This is the best post in the history of Wow blogging, I literally burst into laughter AT WORK. . .

I have nothing to do but admire the awesomeness of this entry and share it with all my friends. . .